Week In Chic: 6/28


Sewing… the last stitches of the yellow jacket.   I know I know…every week I say the same but this week is the week of buttonholes and then TA DA!!! Done.  I don’t normally build this much pomp and circumstance around a project but man, that topstitching nearly KILLED me!  I have to wait until Tuesday to make the buttonholes because I hate the ones my machine makes, I don’t have the right size for my buttonholer attachment, and I am too cheap to take the jacket to the tailor to have him put them in.  Le Sigh.

Playing with… my new sewing machine!!! No, not the one you already know about…but another one!! There will be a forthcoming post all about that.

Knitting… nothing right now.  I started the mini sweater but haven’t made much progress because I am just not loving the yarn pattern combo.

Eating… crab!  my favorite food!  My mom is bribing me over this weekend with the promise of swimming and crab.  With the thermostat hitting in the upper 80’s this weekend how could I resist?  (please note: I see my mom EVERY weekend…she is so spoiled 🙂 )

Buying… more fabric!! I bought the most gorgeous and scrumptious feeling double faced wool in both a black/gray color and mustard yellow!  I had been looking for some mustard yellow wool since last season! The black and gray combo (imagine swatch below with gray instead of red because they are now all out of the one I bought)  will be used to make Burda 08-2007-111 cape.



I don’t know what to do with the mustard yellow though.  I had planned to make Burda 08-2008-115 in a purple but maybe I should use the mustard instead



…decisions decisions

Thanking my Lucky Stars… Not just because I have a job but because of where I work too.  My old job has laid off quite a bit of staff  and mine has yet to go that route.  It may not be the best company but I do really like it there…despite the occasional complaint 🙂

Planning… for my 4 day weekend!!! I can’t WAIT!!! It is a stay cation type of weekend but man I have so much planned in the way of crafting.  CAN’T. WAIT!

K everyone, see you later in the week!

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