Finished Object – Elijah


This cute little elephant was knit for my 2 year old nephew for Christmas. I can post it now because I doubt his internet skills are that developed yet.

Yarn: Queensland Llama Seta for Eli and scarf, Gray mix Paton’s Merino for eyes.
Inspiration: Ysolda’s Elijah
Size 2 (2.75mm)
Yardage: about 1.75 balls (154 yards)
Modifications: Knit on 2.75mm instead of 3.0mm. Unintentionally knit the ear backwards on one side
Enjoyment Factor: 8

Knit Time: One to Two weeks


  • Love, love, love the pattern. Ysolda did a knock out job of making a wonderful looking toy without all the seams that most knit toys ask for. It was amazing how everything blended as you knit it. I love all the beautiful swirls on the head, feet, and hands.


  • Ysolda’s pattern detail was impeccable. She gave you everything you needed without the guess work, even the direction to pick up the stitches. There was one problem found with the ear, that she has since corrected.
  • This is a real stash buster. If you’ve got stash, bust it on this pattern because it is well worth it.
  • I had to add the hand knit scarf because one I love the color combo of the light green Eli with the purple scarf and the fact that everyone deserves a hand knit scarf, even a knit elephant.
  • I like how you stuff the elephant as you go. It did make it hard to knit around sometimes but I liked the fact that when you were done you had a uniformally firm stuffed toy.
  • I love how there are lots of places for my nephew to grab on to when carrying Eli around. The trunk, the arms, the ears…perfect for a 2 year old.


  • Ysolda was also holding a contest for Elijah Adventure stories which helped to motivate me to get this done quick. The story of my Eli and pictures can be found here. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at some of his antics.


The Bad:

  • OMG my hand hurt the whole time. Knitting yarn that is supposed to be on size 6’s on size 2’s is like knitting with the hardest cotton you can imagine. Let alone the increases and decreases…OUCH! The pattern did call for 3.0 mm needles, but those odd sizes are hard to come by if they are not already in your needle stash, so I trudged ahead on my 2.75mm’s because I cannot imagine that the 3.0mm needles would have given much relief. Besides I wanted a think fabric so the stuffing didn’t poke through.
  • The time. Because of the hard to knit fabric, I had to take quite a few breaks to give my hands a rest.
  • Not really bad, but more of a challenge was the French knot eyes. It was not about the technique, which I googled and found a great video tutorial, but more about getting the right size and shape. Thank goodness I had done all the embroidery on my Wee Wonderful, so I felt quite in control when it came to the eyes.


The Ugly:

  • I couldn’t figure out how to knit one of the ears. I am very bad at visualizing how things go together so I struggled to figure out what direction to pick up the stitches. I must have knit the ear 3 times – once upside down, once with big nasty purl ridge, and lastly backwards. The fact that I was fed up, you really can’t tell that it is backwards, and it was made for a 2 year old helped me to come to terms with the backwards version being good enough.


  • Due to the thick fabric, I would highly recommend metal needles for this project. I started these on Brittany needles which are wood and kinda blunt. Bad idea! Two needles were sacrificed for the birth of Elijah. I am not too heart broken though because I didn’t like them that much anyway. Now those Susan Bates metal needles…now those were right on the money. The problem was that I only had 4 instead of the 5 needles your need for this pattern. So since the breakage on the tip of one Brittany needle left it with a sharp edge, that became my 5th needle that I used gingerly when the time came.

All in all a wonderful pattern that is highly recommended.

28 more days and counting…

Sorry I have been away so long. I have just been Busy, busy, busy due to my recent outburst of Christmas crafting. Normally I don’t commit to too much in the way of handmade gifts but this year I am on a mission! It mainly has to do with this being the first Christmas where my ability to sew is pretty good so there will be lot of sewn gifts. Anyway, this will be a quick post but here are some sneak peeks on what I haven been working on…

Anemoi Mittens

Ummm…what a minute! These are for me!! But lets forget about that for a second. Anyway I started on the Anemoi Mittens and they are fabulous. love the knitting. However, I think I may have got the colors backwards and probably should have switched them since the green seems to overpower the purple. Haven’t decided yet if I will rip or keep going.

In the meantime I have been obsessed with making toys for my younger niece and nephew. I am currently working on Elijah for my nephew.

Ezekial’s head

This is such a wonderful and well written pattern. It was so worth the $4.00 for such an ingenious pattern and construction. So far I have completed the head on one leg since this picture was taken. Can’t wait until he is done!

My Wee Wonderfuls

Last, but definitely not least, are my Wee Wonderfuls!!! OMG I have been obsessed with these. These go fast but I have become obsessed with all the accessories. I want to make all the clothes and backpacks to go with them but I had to stop because I have other Christmas crafting to work on. I did make them for my niece but I want to keep them for myself 😥 They are so cute it makes me wanna squeal 😀 and believe me it take quite a lot to make me do that! These definitely deserve a proper daylight post so I will have to leave you with this teaser shot.

I have lots more to tell you but this is all I can muster for now. I hope to have another post this weekend if I have time.

Have a good week all!