Finished Object – Anemoi Mittens


Thanks for all the love during my Michael Jackson flashback. For those of you waging bets, the left thumb won out 🙂 After that post I quickly went on to finish up the two thumbs which were not that hard at all. And while admiring my handy work I quickly realized that I obviously have a thing for this fuchsia/purply color, as evidenced here, here, and here. So I decided to TRY and branch out into more everyday wear colors – gray, tan, brown – since I already have an outfit or two to match these gloves 🙂

Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 Ply
Inspiration: Eunny Jang Anemoi Mittens
Large (8.5″) Hand Circumference
Size 0 and Size 2.75mm
Yardage: 140 yards of Purple (3/4 ball) and 140 yards of Apricot (1/2 ball)
Modifications: None
Enjoyment Factor: 8

Knit Time: November 2007 – January 2008


The Good

  • The pattern was EX-CELLENT!! I don’t think you can find a more detailed pattern that really gets you from A to B, holding your hand the entire way.
  • The yarn is dreamy! I liked it in the ball, I liked it while I knit it up, but I LOVE it now that it is washed and smells like Soak Flora. Mmmmm…. I guess the Cashmere in the yarn really paid off.

  • I love the design. It is so simply and elegant. Reminds me a lot of Japanese style paintings. The corrugated cuff is also a very nice touch.


The Bad

  • The mittens are a little bigger than I would have liked. They are longer .5″ to .75″ too long in the hand. Guess I have stubby, fat hands because they fit just fine in the circumference. Uhhh…or I guess it could be gauge issues. Of course I wouldn’t know because I did not do a swatch….Opps!
  • Not knowing how to properly tell which color is going to be brighter or more dominant resulted in me knitting half a mitten and then finding that I had the color choices backwards. I am very glad I went back though or I would have been very disappointed. I think the pattern is much more apparent now.

  • The thumbs were a pain in the a$%. I always hold my breath when doing this because it feels as though picking up thumb stitches to make a perfect thumb connection is the luck of the draw. Unfortunately, lady luck was not with me because it seems the stranded knitting around the thumb hole was just too loose and really stretched the stitches when I tried to pick them up. I ended it remedying the problem by sewing up the holes during the weaving in process, but I wish it had been perfect from the get go. However, I do have to give Eunny props for such a cute thumb tip pattern.
  • I live in California so these gloves will not see the light of day for some time. It was 19 degrees in Oakland last week, so maybe I will get some use out of them during Stitches in February. We shall see.


The Ugly

  • I messed up on the palm about half way so the pattern is a little wonky (click on the picture above to see it better). However, I did get it together and started anticipating the pattern instead of just plodding through . Note to self… be proactive not reactive in both life and knitting.

All Out Thumb War!

So I am almost ALMOST done with the Anemoi Mittens. Now I have the challenge of the thumbs. I was giving my self a pep talk and trying to decide which one to start on first – the right or the left…


When out of the blue, Micheal Jackson’s “Beat It” came on the radio. Armed with stitch markers the Thumb War was on.


Just beat KNIT IT

knit it, KNIT IT, knit it
No thumb wants to be defeated
Showin’ how funky and strong is their fight
It doesn’t matter who’s left or right

Just knit it… (insert random breathing here) knit it.. knit it.. knit it

(insert guitar solo)!!

Roller Coaster Riding

Good GRIEF!!! I can’t tell you how up and down these past couple days have been. I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say it included some tears, some moments of depression, some misplaced anger and a bottle of $5.00 hooch. Just a bunch of problems that came together to produce the Perfect Storm of emotion. You can use you own imagination to fill in the blank. However, throught it all, I just keep repeating to myself my new found quote:

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.
— Regina Brett, syndicated columnist

It is so true!! When I step back and look at my problems, including the ones I have been having this week, I would definitely pull mine back out. The only problem is that sometimes it can take a while to remember to step back. So anyhoo, back to the crafting, because that IS what you are here for…

Drumroll please !!! Yes my friends…today we have KNITTING!!!

Here are my Anemoi Mittens that I temporarily abandoned during Christmas crafting season. These too went through their fair share of roller coaster knitting. On the left you can see the first mitten I started. It had the purple as the main color and the green as the accent color. After knitting to the point you see above, I decided I did not like how muddled the design looked with my color choices. So I decided to reverse them and use the green as the main color. Ahhhh….so much better. You can really see the design a lot more.

I am still trying to figure out the actual lesson I learned so that the next two color knitting project is not just trial and error. Could it be that the dark color should always be the design? Brain is having a hard time processing info right now so if you know the answer don’t hesitate to shout it out in the comments. Mine is not doing to good after a glass or two of the hooch 🙂

Since this picture was taken, I have almost finished the left mitten and ripped out the one on the right. Oy Vay was that a MESS!!

So alright, enough with this post!! I have a Smart Ones Chocolate cake, popcorn, the last Resident Evil movie, and my glass of hooch calling me. Nothing like a little wallowing to end one day only to start the next with a fresh attitude.

Wish me luck!

28 more days and counting…

Sorry I have been away so long. I have just been Busy, busy, busy due to my recent outburst of Christmas crafting. Normally I don’t commit to too much in the way of handmade gifts but this year I am on a mission! It mainly has to do with this being the first Christmas where my ability to sew is pretty good so there will be lot of sewn gifts. Anyway, this will be a quick post but here are some sneak peeks on what I haven been working on…

Anemoi Mittens

Ummm…what a minute! These are for me!! But lets forget about that for a second. Anyway I started on the Anemoi Mittens and they are fabulous. love the knitting. However, I think I may have got the colors backwards and probably should have switched them since the green seems to overpower the purple. Haven’t decided yet if I will rip or keep going.

In the meantime I have been obsessed with making toys for my younger niece and nephew. I am currently working on Elijah for my nephew.

Ezekial’s head

This is such a wonderful and well written pattern. It was so worth the $4.00 for such an ingenious pattern and construction. So far I have completed the head on one leg since this picture was taken. Can’t wait until he is done!

My Wee Wonderfuls

Last, but definitely not least, are my Wee Wonderfuls!!! OMG I have been obsessed with these. These go fast but I have become obsessed with all the accessories. I want to make all the clothes and backpacks to go with them but I had to stop because I have other Christmas crafting to work on. I did make them for my niece but I want to keep them for myself 😥 They are so cute it makes me wanna squeal 😀 and believe me it take quite a lot to make me do that! These definitely deserve a proper daylight post so I will have to leave you with this teaser shot.

I have lots more to tell you but this is all I can muster for now. I hope to have another post this weekend if I have time.

Have a good week all!