Book Review: Felt Furnishings


Let me start out by saying that I am not a lover of felt related books.  They always start out with the best project being on the cover and when you thumb through it you end up saying to yourself, “they think I need a book for that?”  You then proceed to take mental note of the pattern instructions and move  on.  Given they often have bits and pieces of inspiration but nothing to write home about.

That said, I love felt furnishings.  There are so many patterns that I am not only inspired by but am in desperate need of making!  This rosette pillow is definitely on the short list.


I love the filled texture of this pillow.


The stuffed dots on this pillow with the top stitching is so cute.


But aside from the projects, there is inspiration for your own creativity on each page.  Just looking at all the different ways of folding and manipulating the fabric made my creative juices start flowing.


Now in regards to good felt…that can be an expensive proposition.  I have looked at some sites and the cost is simply prohibitive for the REAL good stuff.  One girl I know who makes the most gorgeous felt items uses really nice pool table felt.  Super nice and robust but not something you will be able to find at Joann’s or in small yardage requirement.   Joann’s carries WoolFelt which I used on my camera case.  Although it is  better than those synthetic craft sheets it is still showing some pilling and wear.  I might go the same route as I used on my Snow Mum Pillow and use fused flannel instead.  I hear that flannel pills too but I have also read that it can be minimized.  I say that might be a good trade off to save a few dollars.

All in all, I highly recommend this book for the wonderful pictures and future home dec projects.

BTW: Random House has the box  pleat throw as a free download if you are interested.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Felt Furnishings

  1. It’s a good thing I checked you out on Ravelry. I’m now realizing that Bloglines hasn’t posted anything new by you in a minute, I’m seeing every thing on this page for the first time. That said, I’ve seen the book but haven’t flipped though it. Those projecst look lovely. The latest Stitches has a project similar to that ruffly pillow. Humm…

  2. Love this blog post! I’ve always had a love of felt (huh? guess cuz it’s cheap!), mainly because it’s so NOT intimidating and hoity-toity like those silk, taffeta, and chiffon snobs. Just reading this inspires me to dust off my Pfaff and get down and felty with a new pillow! After reading around your blog, we at (a home-improvement classifieds) would love to ask if you’d like to contribute a blog for our site (and possibly on-going as a contributor?)? Please email me if you’re interested. Thanks!

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