Finished Object: Wee Wonderful Pig

Wee Wonderful Pig

Isn’t he cute! That is what I thought when I saw this little piggy on Wee Wonderful last year.   This little piggy was the first Christmas item I made and was actually finished before I even had the Christmas tree decorated!

Pattern: Wee Wonderful Pig

Fabric Used: Cheapy craft felt

Notions Used: Buttons

Pattern Alterations: None

The Good:

  • Yet another free pattern from a very generous blogger – Wee Wonderful.
  • Super easy, super quick, super cute!
  • It is a pretty sizable ornament so there people won’t miss all the handiwork you put into it.

Wee Wonderful Pig

  • I didn’t buy anything for this project…not even the super cute buttons that were used on the original.  Instead I used felt for the eyes which came out pretty good.

The Bad:

  • Finding the box/mint tin/boxy bottom thing to make the cart.  I ended up dumping out my t-pins just to use the box 🙂

The Ugly:

  • This is actually the second piggy I made.  The first one looked like the Frankenstein monster because I used larger, evenly space stitches.  I didn’t look THAT bad until I stuffed it and looked at what a crappy job I did.  The trick? Patience along with  small, closely spaces stitching.

The Best of the Best 2007


So courtesy of Lolly and Knit Lit I bring you the Best of the Best 2007. However, instead of just keeping it to my knitted accomplishments I am going to expand it to include sewing and possibly some other hobbies I may take up in the future.

1. Your best FO of the year:

2. Best FO of the year made by a blog you link to: Wow this is hard. There were so many wonderful FO’s in 2007 that remembering them all and THEN deciding if they are the best is far to complicated. So I will give you a selection of FO’s that I distinctly remember from 2007. The fact that I remember them makes them noteworthy.

3. Best yarn you tried

  • Noro Iro – Very expensive, but well worth the money. It is not scratchy at all to me and has such lovely color.
  • Berkshire Bulky – This is a great inexpensive, soft, and warm yarn produced by WEBS. I have already used on two pattern and definitely have it as a bulky yarn backup if needed.

4. Best new book/mag/pattern of 2007

  • Best Mag goes to: Burda World of Fashion – This is the hands down winner for best magazine discover. Hot damn this magazine is good. Now I just need to get my sewing skills up to par so that I can rival those contestants on Project Runway for my fashion sewing capabilities.
  • Best Book goes to: Craft Inc. – I really love the business minded content in the book and the fact that it is very contemporary instead of the stuffy business books in the library. The interviews are superb and Meg herself is a wonderful speakers.
  • Best Pattern goes to: Autumn Rose Pullover – I hope to get enough guts to make this sweater because it
  • is absolutely beautiful!!

5. Best new knitting technique or gadget you tried in 2007

  • Italian Tubular Cast-On – This really produces such wonderful results! It looks so finished and professional
  • Two color knitting – I am definitely addicted to this one. I can’t wait to start a Venezia!! Wait did I say that 🙂

6. Best new sewing technique or gadget you tried in 2007

  • Using a serger machine. I really enjoyed the professional finish that it created on my clothes. So much so that I brought one for my Christmas present. More on that later
  • Embroidery – which I used on my Wee Wonderfuls
  • Creating an inseam pocket – which I used on my Springtime in Craftland Apron

7. Top 5 inspirations–what five things inspired you the most over the past year?

  • Anthropologie catalog – This catalog is always a reflection of some interesting knits and sewn fashions
  • Blueprint Magazine – Loved for its contemporary crafts and wonderful collections of ideas and colors. This magazine however will see its end in 2008.
  • Nordstrom’s catalogall the things I would love to wear and have, but am too chub and poor to afford. Therefore I have to try and make them 🙂
  • Knitty – Always an inspiration for every knitter.

8. Designer who most amazed & inspired you throughout the year

  • Amy Butler – She has really topped my list for amazing designers because I just think her ideas are so creative and the patterns are challenging yet doable.
  • brooklyntweed – He brings about great designs with great yarn as the foundation.
  • Eunny Jang – She has such seemingly complicated and yet gorgeous patterns that I know that I will get a wonderful challenge and a beautiful FO when I make her patterns

9. Knitting resolutions for 2008

  • Make a two color sweater – specifically the Venezia Sweater
  • Learn to crochet – not really a knitting resolution, but could be useful for knitted projects

10. Sewing resolutions for 2008

  • Learn, and master, my new serger
  • Make a pair of pants
  • Make one, if not many patterns from my Burda World of Fashion Magazines
  • Finish my tailored jacket and quilts that are currently in the W.I.P. category
  • Learning how to Crewel – since I got the book for Christmas

11. What’s next for you and your blog?

  • Actually I will be moving and renaming my blog to prepare for some other crafty goals I have for 2008. Nothing solid or anything but just another resolution for 2008. Stay tuned for the move in January

OK people!! That was way harder than I imagined it to be. This is pretty much a post created over three days of pondering and  I feel like I barely scratches the surface of all the wonderful people and finished objects I have seen in 2007.  Hopefully 2008 will be just as filled with great people, great design, great knitter, great sewer, and great crafty people in general.

Happy 2008 Bloggie Buddies!!!


Finished Object – Wee Wonderful Olive and Kitty


The name explains it all.  They are wee and boy are they wonderful!! May I introduce Olive and Kitty from the Wee Wonderful line.  They were a blast to make and I love them so much I can’t don’t want to give them away.  I had been eyeing them on the website for a while but when I say the kitty  pattern at the Craft Inc. fair last month I just had to have it.  The next day I made kitty.  The very next day after kitty, I bought the pattern for Olive and made her.  If it hadn’t been for the need to make other Christmas gifts I would have continued until my whole world was populated by Wee Wonderful creations.



Olive is a Christmas gift for me my niece.  I really loved making this doll and will probably make her some of the accessories when I have more time.

Fabric: Random Corduroy and Polyester Felt (not recommended)
Wee Wonderful Olive and Archie Pattern
Modifications: I added little ponytails
Enjoyment Factor:
Time: 1.5 days

The Good:

  • I love the result from such a simple pattern.  Everything was pretty inexpensive or from stash and the construction was easy.  I hightly recommend this pattern!
  • This was my second time doing embroidery (the first time was kitty).  I really like how the stitching brings like to the doll.  Adding the little white stitch to the eye was the final touch that made Olive come alive!


  • I added a little ethnicity to Olive because my niece is black and mexican so a slightly darker skin tone was needed.  Also she has curly hair that is often worn in ponytails so I added that too.

The Bad: 

  •  Since I added to the hair pattern, stitching around the wisps of Olive’s hair and the ponytails was a bit of a chore.
  • Stitching those arms and legs in was no joke.  It was quite a bit of work to get those in.
  • The arms came out a little low.  I thought I measured the correct amount from the neck, but I guess the stitching pushed them down.


  • I couldn’t find and didn’t really know about Wool Felt when I was making my Wee Wonderfuls.  I wish I had because the quality of wool felt versus Polyester felt is noticeable.  Polyester felt does not wear as well as the wool felt and therefore will pill (as seen on kitty below).  I did read in Sew Stylish Magazine, Gifts issue that if you can’t get wool felt you can control the pills by:
    • preshrinking felt in hot water, and drying it in the dryer
    • Then misting the dried felt with water and ironing it dry.  However, ironing typically causes the felt to melt but preshrinking should eliminate this problem according to them.

The Ugly:

  •  None



Kitty is a Christmas gift for a family friend.  Kitty was the first Wee Wonderful ever made and was quite a learning experience.  I made a lot of mistakes learned a lot of techniques about embroidery and felt on Kitty.  But either way she still is cute!

Fabric: Polyester Felt (not recommended)
Wee Wonderful Put Together- Book #1
Modifications: None
Enjoyment Factor:
Time: 1 days

The Good:

  • Kitty is a great beginner pattern for the Wee Wonderful line.  It was very easy to assembly and cut everything and it goes together in a flash.
  • Since I bought this pattern in person, I really liked the presentation of the booklet.  It is a high quality print and worth the money.
  • I like the yellow buttons I had in my stash for the eyes.  They look like really cat eyes to me.


The Bad: 

  •  Polyester Felt!! See above for why I don’t like it, but see below for the outcome.  You can really see the pilling on Kitty.  However, the upside is that kitty is a cat and therefore it just makes her look furry.
  • The embroidery on kitty is less than stellar but it was my first time so it doesn’t look THAT bad.

The Ugly:

  •  None

28 more days and counting…

Sorry I have been away so long. I have just been Busy, busy, busy due to my recent outburst of Christmas crafting. Normally I don’t commit to too much in the way of handmade gifts but this year I am on a mission! It mainly has to do with this being the first Christmas where my ability to sew is pretty good so there will be lot of sewn gifts. Anyway, this will be a quick post but here are some sneak peeks on what I haven been working on…

Anemoi Mittens

Ummm…what a minute! These are for me!! But lets forget about that for a second. Anyway I started on the Anemoi Mittens and they are fabulous. love the knitting. However, I think I may have got the colors backwards and probably should have switched them since the green seems to overpower the purple. Haven’t decided yet if I will rip or keep going.

In the meantime I have been obsessed with making toys for my younger niece and nephew. I am currently working on Elijah for my nephew.

Ezekial’s head

This is such a wonderful and well written pattern. It was so worth the $4.00 for such an ingenious pattern and construction. So far I have completed the head on one leg since this picture was taken. Can’t wait until he is done!

My Wee Wonderfuls

Last, but definitely not least, are my Wee Wonderfuls!!! OMG I have been obsessed with these. These go fast but I have become obsessed with all the accessories. I want to make all the clothes and backpacks to go with them but I had to stop because I have other Christmas crafting to work on. I did make them for my niece but I want to keep them for myself 😥 They are so cute it makes me wanna squeal 😀 and believe me it take quite a lot to make me do that! These definitely deserve a proper daylight post so I will have to leave you with this teaser shot.

I have lots more to tell you but this is all I can muster for now. I hope to have another post this weekend if I have time.

Have a good week all!