Week In Chic: 8/7

Appreciating.. all the wonderful compliments you all have given as of late.  Although I have not gotten back to all of you, I do really love your comments.  I have to say that your comments are a large portion of why I do the things I do.  So thank you thank you THANK.YOU!


Beaming… over my absolutely amazing find on my new obsession Craigslist.  I had to drive 1.5 hours each way to get this sewing table but it was worth it.


The Rocketeer has already moved in!!  I do need to have the insert cut to fit the new machine but other than that it its perfect.  It was especiallyworth the drive because the sellers were moving my brother in law got a smashing deal on some golf clubs.  $2,000 worth of almost new golf clubs for $60.00!!! I also got a set of 100% Wool Felt Fat Quarters from Joann’s that use to be $50.00 for $5.97!  Hope this bargain shopping luck holds out!

Sewing… the finishing touches on my version of the Vogue 1086.  I would like to get some patterns traced off this weekend but laziness is already setting in.


Knitting… the fronts on my betty minisweater.  This is actually coming out nicer than I thought.  If this one works out I might actually make another in wool for fall.

Eating… nothing good and that is the problem.  I did get some fruit finally this week so maybe I can get back on track to some healthy eating.

Planning… my budget.  I have been pretty lax as of late with my spending so that needs to be reigned in.   The crafty gadget and fabric buying is a bit out of control, so I am planning to sort out my stash and try to think up a plan so that I keep my eyes in my stash and my cash in my pocket.  We shall see how that goes…

Anyhoo, another week done. See ya soon.

When It Rains It Pours…

…but this time in an absolutely FABULOUS way 🙂

Because I have a new addition to the sewing family.  Meet “The Rocketeer”!  Also known as the Singer 500A Slant-O-matic!!  This machine is not just a sewing machine to me but a piece of beauty.


I came to own my Slant-O-matic through my sewing class friend Rochelle.  She is the best for showing me new things and sharing with me her amazing love of gadgetry and sewing…two weakness of mine.   Every time I see her I always wonder what new thing I will just have to own or can’t live without.  The Slant-O-matic was the latest of those oh so wonderful discoveries.  See, my friend collects vintage sewing machines and she wanted this machine to find a good home.  I was hesitant to look at it as I just bought my “new to me” Brother machine which bringing my household number up to 2 machines.  However, when she brought it down it was love at first sight.  When I saw the sleek design of the machine and just how super unique it looked I had to have it.  Don’t get me wrong, I tried to fight against my urge to buy it but I HAD to have it.  The absolute selling point in the design area was the stitch selector switch.


It reminded me so much of one of those old Cadillac or jaguar emblem.  The ones you see and know that that car is a beauty – drives like a charm and has an engine that purrs.  This sewing machine was all of that.  She is my equivalent to a new vintage caddy 😀  Vroom Vroom baby!

Now outside of needing to won this machine for just it aesthetic appeal, there were a few practical points to my purchase as well.  First, this machine is heavy duty, at least more so than my Brother, therefore it had the potential of handling thicker and more unruly materials than my newer lighter plastic sewing machine.  It also has has a larger throat for quilting – 4.25″ versus 5″.


The slanting angle of the needle gives more visibility to the sewing and the bed of the machine just seems larger and more airy.  I didn’t realize how claustrophobic my Brother or older Singer made me until I started sewing on The Rocketeer.


The machine also has a variety of embroidery stitches and the ability to handle double needle sewing.  Oh yeah did I tell you how much I love that flip top?!  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture with the hood down but it just adds to the sleekness.  So cool!


I also justified my decision my reducing my existing machine number at home by giving my niece my old Singer Prelude in order to accommodate “The Rocketeer”.  Now I have two Brothers and one Singer.  A little over the normal nuclear crafty gadget family number.


Things that will take some getting use to are the screw on feet as I have been pretty spoiled by the quick switch snap-on feet of my new model sewing machines.  There is a adapter that will allow for the use of snap on feet but I am waiting a bit before I dive further in to the gadget collecting.


Second is the threading of the machine which takes a bit of time as you have to go through a few more levers and also thread it through and around some holes.  Reminds me a bit of serger machine threading but with practice I should be able to get over this.

A few other karmic facts about this machine that just go to show you have destine I was to own it:

  • During my last vacation I picked up a Professional Buttonholer for a zig zag slant machine thinking it would fit my Brother.  Now I own a slant needle machine to go with my new buttonholer.
  • I have been itching to make a quilt.  Rochelle told me that the previous owner who she bought it from was an excellent quilter and used this very machine for her artistry.

So there you go complete justification for my new vintage addition.  But really this machine needs no justification because it is Fraking BEAUTIFUL! 🙂


Keegan approved!