The Good Times are Killing Me*

So as you have seen, I have expanded my crafting horizons to include both sewing and quilting. Both of which are classes that I am taking, one of which is kicking my butt….that would be the quilting. Technique wise I can handle it, it is the TIME!!! I know, I know…a knitter complaining about the time it takes to make something,but OMG this class is killing me. So let me give you some background to this class…


I discovered this class through my clothing sewing teacher who mentioned that the North Orange County Community College Continuing Education School offered 10 week sewing and quiliting classes for $5.00. $5.00!!! That was too good a deal to pass up even if the class had a strong chance of being lame. So I told a few colleagues at work and the three of us signed up for the class. Well, the instruction was better than I ever expected. We got a teacher who has taught for 30 years and published a few books. Her class were strongly technique based which was right up my alley and the class was small. I couldn’t have asked for more.


So here is where the problem set in. This teacher is INTENSE. She LOVES quilting and probably quilts every spare moment of the day (once again, the pot calling the kettle black with the crafting addiction thing…geez). So our class project was a 74″x74″ quilt called Raise the Roof. She did communicate that we would be working at our own pace, but every week we move on to the next part of the quilt and every week we would race to keep up with the pace of the class. People I am talking about 6-10 hours of quilting homework a week.


Needless to say this pace was not for the crafting faint of heart. Those with lives without a crafting addiction and an abhorrence to unfinished things were soon weeded out. This included my two coworkers who now cheer me on from the sidelines as I continue on the crafting Marines-like pace.


32 star blocks done…8 hours

32 log cabin blocks to go…8 hours

Only 3 more weeks of class…priceless!


*Title courtesy of Modest Mouse