Finished Object: Fabric Covered Moleskin ala Wisecraft


Inspired by Wise Craft’s…well…wise craft I made some fabric covered moleskins for my BFF who loves moleskins.  I made these as part of an “I Care” Package that I created and gifted to her during my last whirlwind weekend visit.  These were super easy and took no time at all.  The tutorial can be found here.

I already had the double sided fusible webbing from my snow mum pillow so I only had to pop out for the moleskins.  A little ironing here, a little ironing there, a little snip snip trim over there and voila!! Instant crafty satisfaction!


I went with a tree theme since she loves nature and they matches so well as a 3 pc set.


I even personalized them with my stamp.

If you are in need of a quick gift or just something to satisfy that instant crafting need.  I highly suggest putting these on your list.