Finished Object: Chevron Scarf


Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock Merino Yarn
Inspiration: Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Size 5
Yardage: 3/4 balls of two distinctly different colors
Modifications: None, except the finished scarf is not 77″
Enjoyment Factor:
6.5 – Loved the scarf but this was a slogfest after awhile


The Good:

  • Sale yarn – This scarf only cost me $10.00 instead of the $40.00 it would of at full price for the yarn. This yarn was acquired during the Banana Berry liquidation sale back in February. I had just seen the scarfalong started by dogged and knottybits and just knew this yarn would be perfect for the scarf.
  • This yarn is super soft so it works perfectly around my neck


  • It was a good project to have on the needles so that I had something to work on in between projects.
  • I loved the surprise of the color changes as well as how wonderfully these very different yarns worked together


  • I also love the reverse side of this scarf. It is as beautiful, if not more so, than the front


The Bad:

  • OMG!!!! This thing took F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!! The pattern calls for this scarf to be 77″ long. Man was a cocky when I started this scarf. I didn’t understand how anyone could become tired of this scarf. Boy was I wrong!!! By the time I finally decided to end the misery my love was replaced by a manic need to get rid of it off my WIP list. The funny part was that when I finally decided to finish the scarf I was already at 77″ or there about.
  • Can’t really say it is bad, but when I blocked the scarf it grew significantly from the 77″ finished size to a whopping 90″ long !! It wraps a lot and still has some over hang. It is just a note to self that if I had wanted this to be 77″ it would have been disappointing. But who can be disappointed at a scarf


The Ugly:

  • What the hell am I going to do with the leftovers? This is probably the worst part about stash busting. Having leftover stash yarn.  The point is to rid yourself of the guilt of having stashed it in the first place.  I don’t even know how much it is but it looks significant. Baby booties maybe??  Sad part is…I don’t really like knitting for babies.  Oh well, what else can I do with it?


Knit Time: February 28 – April 23

Finished Object: Wicked Sweater


Thanks everyone for the pep talk about the sweater. I was so eager to get it off the needles on April 10th but ended up having to redo the sleeves a couple times so that extended the date to April 20th. I know I have been an absentee blogger lately but man am I crafting up a storm. Between knitting and sewing and quilting, I am about to have a crafting induced nervous breakdown. I hope to be through the storm this week so I should have some more stuff to show off soon in the FO category. Until then, I hope you like the Wicked…now with extra twists!!!

Yarn: Queensland Llama Seta (80%alpaca/20% silk blend yarn) color 11
Inspiration: Zephyr Style Wicked Sweater
Size 6
Yardage: 9 balls (792 yards)
Modifications: Changed needles from 7 to a 6 to better suit yarn. Added an extra twist in the cables, which was an accident design element. Decreased before the armhole cabling to reduce armhole size.
Enjoyment Factor:

The Good:

  • Busted the Stash Baby. 9 out of 10 balls of my red Queensland Llama Seta yarn that I bought a while back for finally found a home.
  • This sweater flew off the needles. I saw the pattern, dug through my stash, threw it on the needles and here it is for all the see.
  • I really like the simplicity of the sweater and the pattern was great and very user friendly


The Bad:

  • I redid the armhole cabling twice because of the size of the armholes were two big for my taste. I had 76 stitches reserved for the armholes as the pattern stated but ended up reducing down to 64 stitches because I wanted a snugger fit on the arms.
  • My design element was the result of me forgetting the rest row in the cable pattern. Instead I just repeated the actual cable stitch over and over again. I didn’t realize I had done this until I started on the armholes. Was I going back on a top down raglan sweater to fix the boo boo? HELL NO!! Besides, I like it anyway.


The Ugly:

  • I don’t have a modeled picture for you. I always like seeing had knits on their intended model but I am just too tired to go through the motions. Let me reassure you that it fits fine and I really like it with a white long sleeve T-shirt underneath. Maybe I will get one in the future and add to the post. Who knows?

Knit Time: March 24 – April 14

Yarn + Money = Broke OR Why Not To Buy Yarn 2007


When I saw this button I knew I had to have it. It exemplifies my goals for 2007. Since calculating ball of yarn just seemed too much of a trial I decided to track and calculate my destashing another way. I would use the tried and true scale to determine stash fitness. Since the home scale would not have been that great for this task, I borrowed one from work.

This is the stash as of 1/7/07

34.50 LBS of yarn

The sad part of this is that on August 2006 I said:

“Thus my resolution begins… On this August 4, 2006 I, Monique, fight the urge to buy yarn as much as is possible for an obsessive personally and will bust at least half of this stash before this time next year. This includes any new yarn so that I am at 50% capacity by next year.”

Umm…folks, this is the same resolution I have right now and if I had measured the stash back then it would have weighed much less. But with a new resolve,