Finished Object: Butterick 6881


Here is a quicky project that I finally whipped up.


Pattern: Butterick 6881, view E

Pattern Description: Loose-fitting, A-line or slightly flared robe, hood, front zipper, side pockets, long sleeves and stitched hems. 

Pattern Sizing: XL

Fabric Used: cheapy fleece from Joann’s

Notions Used: Zipper

Pattern Alterations: None

The Good:

  • Working with Fleece is so fun and forgiving! This project was very easy and it came out so well.  It is amazing how fleece looks so nice even though you are just cutting the fabric and leaving the ends raw.
  • I highly recommend this pattern for a cosy robe.  I plan to make another in fleece, probably view B, when it gets colder
  • I love the hood!  It is perfect for keeping my neck warm and toasty.  And although you can’t see it, this robe reaches all the way down to the tops of my feet.  The Snuggie aign’t got nothin’ on this!

The Bad:

  • I made this between 8 to 10 weeks ago so the construction details have all but faded away in my mind.  Looking at the picture tells me its been a while because my hair has grown quite a bit since then 🙂
  • For some reason the installation of the zipper was a challenge and didn’t come out quite as nicely as I wanted it it absolutely works

The Ugly:

  • I won’t get to use it again for quite a few months, but it will be waiting when the time comes.

Peacock Collection: Butterick 4347

Since we started the Finished Object Parade talking about my knit fabric class, I figured I would show you my second assignment.  Although this is my second assignment, it is actually my third shirt.  The second was a disastrous New Look pattern that had weird shoulder darts per the pattern, and a weird hunchback, overstretched, holey neckline, courtesy of my horrible “stretch and sew” technique.  It now resides in a landfill somewhere.  My third shirt, however, came out pretty good for a pattern with more than two pieces.

Pattern: Butterick 4347

Pattern Description: Close-fitting top has long sleeves, neckline extending into collar or shawl collar

Pattern Sizing: Size Lrg

Fabric Used: Sophia Double Knit (67 percent Polyester 30 percent Rayon 3 percent Spandex)

Notions Used:None

Pattern Alterations: Petite Alternations

The Good:

  • I love the fabric!! The Sophia Double knit is to die for.  It is also pretty expensive.  I was happy to have bought it at 25% off so it wasn’t THAT bad.  I am now on the constant hunt for this fabric on sale.
  • I really like the color of the fabric.  I don’t have very many garments with this coloring so it makes me feel refreshed for the fall.
  • The pattern was pretty easy.  Nothing too bad

The Bad:

  • Staytape is your friend.  USE IT!  The pattern didn’t state the need for staytape this time so I forged on without it.  Bad idea.  I think the shoulder seams have stretched a bit due to the lack of stablization.  Ah well next time.

  • The armholes are too long.  If I lift my arms it find of tugs up and creates a bit of a bat wing.  I should have done  a 3/8″ petiting in the armholes as I do on Burda patterns.  I also think the lack of staytape a the shoulder accentuates this problem even more.  The solution?  Push the sleeves up.  It relieves the pulling and makes the garment okay to wear.
  • The neckline is a bit fussy.  Even in the picture you can see all the wrinkles.  I think I will slip stitch the collar right at the seamline in the front as that seems to be wear it want to be anyway.  That way I am not always fussing with it.
  • Not really a bad thing but something to note.  The front is a double panel of fabric so this is a pretty substantial shirt.  It should be great for the fall.

The Ugly:

  • For a knit garment, this shirt has a lot of handwork at the hems.  I blindhemmed the sleeves and the bottom which I think gives it a polished look, but man was it a pain.  I think the hemming took longer than the whole shirt! 🙂

Peacock Collection ’08: B5181 Dress

Pattern: Butterick 5181, View A

Pattern Description: Misses’ Dress with lined, close-fitting bodice and slightly flared skirt in above mid-knee length with Center back zipper.

Pattern Sizing: F5(16-18-20-22-24). I made a 16

Fabric Used: 100% cotton from Joann’s and M&L fabrics

Notions Used: 14″ Zipper, Hooks and Eyes

Pattern Alterations: Changed Bust darts to gathers along the bust line. Trimmed the square shaped skirt of the dress into a slight A-line. Made View A but deleted the contrast hem and added the length to compensate.

The Good:

  • Love the fabric used as the skirt part of the dress. This fabric found on a whim at Jenny’s Fabrics for $1.69 a yard was the inspiration for the entire dress. I really loved this photo from Nordstrom’s and adapted that to be my theme for the Black and White collection. I love the combination of the mundane with the shock of color. I did get compliments on the dress but probably because everyone was distracted by the skirt fabric and the shoes :O)
  • The shoes!!! When I found them I knew this combination was meant to be. Finding size 12W shoes that are cute and comfortable are pretty rare, findind them in YELLOW unheard of, finding them when you are specifically looking for them is ASTRONOMICAL!!! I went to the Nordstrom’s Rack large shoe size event in search of yellow shoes and after 30 minutes of searching these lovelies were found. I LOVE them and I now will be a groupie at every Nordstrom’s Rack large shoe size event
  • I really like the dip in the back of the dress. Probably even more than the front 😕

The Bad:

  • This dress does and does not look like the pattern illustration. In theory it does, in that it has the general shape of the illustration, but the fit and drape in the picture is a far cry from what you get. The fabric even calls for light broadcloth and mine is a pretty thin cotton.
  • The bodice nearly touches your navel. Ok, it doesn’t go that far but “the girls” were feeling a little over exposed so a cami will always be worn under this dress. Good thing I actually like it that way. Even more so than the original.

The Ugly:

  • The pattern sizing. My bust is a 39 1/4″, C cup. I originally made the size 18, which is 40″ bust, B cup (this is an assumption on Big Four sizing). The size 18 was given two inches of ease in the bust making it a 42″ bust in the end. Holy Cow!! The 18 was like a tent. I guess I should have known that this needed a more fitted bodice, but I didn’t think 2″ of ease would make of break this dress. Suffice it to say it does and you should size this dress for your bust size minus the ease.

  • I changed the bust darts into gathers instead. I just couldn’t get the dart from looking like I had an extra nipple or that pointy bra that Madonna wore. The gathers proved to be even more of a challenge to make the bodice look good…or at least okay.

  • The skirt on this is a little too pregnant lady. The rectangular cut of fabric created a huge gathering of fabric at the band, which by the way was a pain to gather, and causes it to have a large petticoat nature instead of the slimmer fit illustrated in the pattern picture.  I tried to add a bit of an “A” line but I guess I needed to take out more because it still is pretty big.


I hated making this dress. In fact, I had to pick the pattern out of the garbage to remember what the pattern number was before I chucked it back in with disdain. I liked what the illustration reflected but there have got to be a gazillion similar patterns on the market that produce better results without all the trouble.

Tips/Tricks :

  • Gather the skirt in sections rather than across the whole shabang. It makes it easier to bunch up all the fabric
  • Sew your gathers very close, if not on the 5/8″ line. It will keep your gathers from becoming pleats
  • Stay stitch the curve of the front bodice pieces to prevent stretching. Due to the curving nature of the bodice it eventually get a bit of a bias going on the fabric. If this stretches you can get some gapping at the bust

Finished Object: Butterick 4457 Shirt


This was my final project for my sewing class. I have been meaning to show you all this project for some time. I finally got around to wearing it today. At first I didn’t like it, but it is much better with a cami underneath. Don’t know if that will save it from the eventual Goodwill pile though 😦

Fabric: Flat Folds from M&L
Inspiration: Butterick 4457 Shirt
New Tech: Buttonholes, tucks
Cost: Approximately $6.00
Enjoyment Factor:

The Good:

  • The cost of course! Since this was my first sewn shirt I wanted to make the pain of possible sewing mishaps to be minimal, hence the Flat Folds fabric from M&L
  • The collar came out really good. I say this because this posed a problem for a lot of my classmates but to uneven color length issue
  • I love my fabric covered button. I saw the idea executed at Whispering Pine and knew that my shirt needed fabric covered buttons too


The Bad:

  • Like the skirt, I don’t really wear button down shirts.
  • “Tucks?? What are tucks??” These were my words when the teacher told me that the lines in the pattern picture were not darts, but tucks. “Eew, that’s not how I saw this shirt” were my next words. But after adding them to the shirt, they grew on me. Not enough for me to love them, but enough so that I was not severly disappointed.


  • Buttonholes are evil. Actually it was due more to the machine mishaps I had in class which prevented me from getting a good buttonhole. When I finally did get one that worked right, I made the hole too big for the button. Have you ever ripped out buttonhole stitches?? Believe me, I was cussing in my head the whole time.
  • The pattern has lots of little details that add to the pretty basic design of the shit shirt (excuse my typo 🙂 ), including side slits


The Ugly:

  • The sleeves bother me. The fit is good but the sleeves have a tendency to restrict my arm movement a little when I reach forward. This may be why this shirt will most likely find itself as a donation to goodwill. It is sad but true

Sewing Time: 10 hours – Not hard, but I only did it in class and had to learn all sorts of new techniques.