Peacock Collection: Camellia

All this talk about knit fabric, I am sure some of you are saying, well hell….WHERE IS THE KNITTING?!  Well admittedly it has been few and far between lately.  I have had so many knitting fiascos and generally uninteresting projects that they have all but fallen by the wayside in 2008.  This little ditty is was actually started in February this year!  I had such high hopes for this lovely lovely sweater.  Now I am just glad it is done.

Yarn: Rowan Calmer
Inspiration: Kate Gilbert Camellia
Size 5 needles for body and lace, size 6 needles for neckline, size 8 needles for armholes
Yardage: 5 balls
Modifications: Left off the flutter sleeves and used garter stitch for the armholes
Enjoyment Factor:
Knit Time: 7 months!! yeesh

The Good:

  • It is done…and not in the garbage.
  • The pattern is very nice.  I was so excited to get this pattern when I saw it previewed on Kate Gilbert’s site that I happened to be up at 1 a.m. on Ravelry and accidentally stumbled on and bought the pattern a week or two before it was officially released.  I was so very excited by this little Ravelry glitch that I cast on that night.  It was the happiest point in this project.
  • I love the lace details at the top and bottom of the top
  • The V neck is just right to bring a little va va va voom to the top
  • Calmer is nice to wear

The Bad:

  • Holy CRAP!! I hate this top.  Not the outcome, just the effort.
  • I had some trouble with the lace pattern.  It was an error in the chart but was fixed before it was officially released to everyone.  Nothing big, just left me stumped for a bit.
  • MIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLEEEESSSSSSS of stockinette.  I knew this and was okay with it becuase it was my in the car,  Costa Rica trip knitting.  However, I forgot that I would have to continue the stockinette monologue when I got home.  Not so fun.
  • My yarn choice was horrible!! I thought I would like knitting with Calmer but I actually think it feels like a wet dishcloth the majority of the time, especially during blocking.  It is also a  cotton was elastic in it which I thinkwas great for the body of the top but was horrible for the sleeves.
  • I have decided that i don’t like curling lace patterns a the bottom of garments.  Just a new pet peeve of mine.

The Ugly:

  • The reason I bought this pattern was for the sleeves.  The reason I hate this pattern is for the sleeves.  Notice that there are none.  That is because the Calmer has no real drape which is a prerequisite for the flutter or cap sleeve on the pattern to look good.  After knitting and attaching the cap sleeve, I realized that I looked like a linebacker!  They stood out like they had starch in them.  On top of that I attached them weirdly and they were kinda lopsided.  That is when the top went on hiatus
  • Sleeves part two, the garter stitch finish – So I thought I would just leave the sleeves unfinished but the yarn was just not having it.  The sleeves curled in and looked like a razorback from the back of the garment.  As much as I hated investing anymore work in this top, I knew I had to add an edging.  6 attempts later, I finally got a finish that was neither too tight nor too baggy.  They still aren’t perfect but one more failed attempt and this top would have been history.

Pic-A-Knit 2008

Have I ever told you what a great knit group I have!! Well I do!! Next to learning how to purl, they are the best thing that has happened to my knitting life. Every Wednesday I go and visit this wonderful group and I loathe the thought of missing a meeting. Last week I even found myself speeding due to the fact that I was 30 minutes late for our 3 hour knitting fest. How would I explain THAT to people?

“Uhh yeah I got a $200+ speeding ticket because I was trying to get to my knit group”

Anyhoo…This weekend I organized a Pic-A-Knit for my group so that we could do what we do but outside. Since it is spring the weather can be quite unpredictable so I was a little worried because of the damn cold weather. However, everybody survived like a trooper even if they were neck high in fleece blankets. If you want more pictures you can check out my Flickr page.

Although it was a knitting party, I didn’t actually get any knitting done during the event…you know how hosting goes. However, afterwards I dove into making my cap sleeves and have now finished all the parts of my Camellia Top. The sleeves are blocking now and I hope to get them on this weekend. However, I was invited to the Renaissance Fair today, which will be my first time, so I will be donning a borrowed outfit and eating turkey legs with beer steins so we shall see how up to seaming I am when I get home. I will make sure to take pictures of me in my outfit 🙂

UPDATE: My friend (and former ren faire junkie) reminded me that I forgot to post a picture of me in my outfit. Although I don’t have that beer stein, I do have my trusty turkey leg. Oh and look, I am using my Lady Eleanor!

Me and Skylar at Ren Faire

Skylar (yet another Ren Faire devotee) and Me

Have a great weekend!!!