If You Don’t Have Anything Good to Say…

Well, I haven’t people.  The knitting has been touch and go and the sewing has been a bit of a wreck but I have persevered knowing that I will overcome the crafting slump.  I HAVE to because Christmas is around the corner.  Of course, I say this as if I do a lot of holiday crafted gifts when really I do not.  However, if I want to finish even ONE crafted gift this season, the mojo better make a command appearance and SOON.


On the good side, I started the Cable-Down Raglan with the Calmer I got on sale.  Man!! Calmer and Knitpicks Options are like BUTTER!  However, I have ripped the top diamond no less than 6 times (don’t ask) and although the loveliness of the butter combo has made the pain a little bit better it is still impeding forward progress.  And now I have hit a road block with the pattern which maybe one of my lovely readers can help me with:

When I start the right and left cable section on the sleeves, after the first diamond, my increase stitches started to look a little funky.  I followed the errata up to this point (i.e. k1f&b on sleeve increases and knitting the first stitch of the sleeve on work even rows) however, when I got to the sleeve it says change the k1f&b to a M1P on the sleeve increases.  I did that and ended up with a big hole and the stitch pattern looking wierd.

  • Now the question is.  Did anyone else follow the errata, M1P  or did you continue to do the k1f&b after the sleeve?
  • If you did do the M1P, do you continue to knit the first sleeve stitch after the marker on work even rounds or purl it

So while I wait for either help through the blogisphere or the nerve and desire to figure it out myself,  I started a new project.  I have never been one to have WIPs hanging around but this mojo thing gives me a true understanding of how people can have so many UFOs.  Anyway,  I present to you the Endpaper Mitts!


These are pretty spur of the moment, as a wonderful woman on Destash was destashing some Knitpicks Palette for free +  shipping and I got it.  I think I will call these my chocolate cover apricot gloves because those are the yummy colors.  These will be my introduction to two color knitting so that I can get to those Anemoi mittens that tempt me everyday.

Hope to have some good news and more progress on the Cable Raglan next time you hear from me.