The Universe is Thrown out of Wack and then Realigns Itself

The universe cannot stand being out of balance, it will try to right itself at all cost.

First… The Best Saturday Ever

Then… I reveal my pseudo crochet ability.


This is the start of an amigurumi toy except I have not idea which side is the right side and wrong side OR if this is really crochet at all?!  Not sure it is crochet you say?  Well, the alternative would be some bastardized version of crochet like the last amigurumi toy I nearly finished only to find out I was doing slip stitch the entire time….LOL!

IMG_5530_filtered IMG_5528_filtered

Wrong side? Right side? I have not idea…any help is appreciate from the crocheters out there.

So with luck on my side, crafty juices flowing everywhere, and euphoria right around the corner the universe decided that I needed to be brought back to earth and grounded in reality via a….Speeding Ticket


Same route for 4 years never a copper around but over the past 3 days since the issuance of my ticket I have seen 4 other people pulled over along my route.  I was also driving herd style with the rest of the “unsafe speed” drivers and was picked out like a young gazelle amongst a pack.  Guess it was just my time, eh?!  Good thing I was in such a pre-euphoric state that I just chalked it up to bad luck, lessons learned, feeding the starving economy, and savings jobs by keeping the very nice bike cop employed.

Hmmm…maybe my uber-lucky streak will come back and the cop won’t show at court so my ticket gets dismissed!!  Pipe dream maybe but here’s to hoping!