While I was Away…

… I got a library card.

I have subsequently paid the library $60.00 in overdue fines.

I have stopped using my library card.

Is it their fault?  of course not! but I am still smarting over my sheer irresponsibility my sizable donation and now remember why I stopped going to the library in the first place.

While I Was Away…

I was going to create a whole post about why I was gone and how I will do better as a blogger, but eh…I think I have done one of those already and you can see that guilty blogging only lasts a few posts before silence sets in.  So let’s just enjoy the blogging moment!

However, because I am still a veteran blogger I of course had to think of some theme to keep me going.  So I am going to a series of random posts about what I did while I was away intersperse with some current events.  This totally goes against my OCD but hey, it is Anything Can Happen Thursday (actually that is next Thursday but you get the picture).

So here we go…

While I was away…I had the best shopping trip ever!! Between thrifting and craft market shopping I scored big!

I Found this white house|black market jacket!  It is a little snug across the basooms but I plan to where it open anyway.  Love the details

3 bucks for this cropped Lane Bryant jacket.  The necklace was already mine but I love the color combo.  I want to make myself a little black dress to wear underneath

I found this short sleeve jacket for 6 bucks.  I bought it for a refashion.  The refashion is done, now I need to take pics.

All the above items were found at Out of the Closet.  This is also known as “The Pink Place” by me and Jguyver.  You would understand if you saw it.

I found this Little Ben clock and the vintage inspired fan at GW Consignment (aka Goodwill)  2 bucks for the clock and 5 bucks for the most awesome fan!! I had been looking for this style fan and found it!  Since this picture, the clock was sent back to Goodwill.  Didn’t know it ticked loudly, plus the need to wind it every two days was driving me crazy.

During my craft fair adventures I found this necklace.  Very simple but I love it and the color goes perfectly with my maxi dress.

I had spied this necklace before from a vendor at the craft fair and ended up not buying it because it has an off center wearing style that I did not 100% love so I let it be.  However, when the vendor had it for $5.00 during my last visit I snatched it up.  The beads alone are gorgeous.

So that was my superdooper shopping fest.  See you next time with more I did while away.