2007 Finished Objects – The Knit Edition

Grand Total:5 sweaters, 2 bags, 3 scarves, 1 shawl, 1 knit toy, 1 pair of socks, and 1 hat.
Wow, I have been one busy knitting bee this year. This has also probably been one of my most successful years for knitting as well. I tackled some complex techniques, designs, and learned a variety of new knitting talents. Some of which are: Tubular Cast on, two color knitting, cabling without a needle, lace work, picking up stitches, making a heel gusset, kitchener stitch, and knitting in the round.
Finished Object 2007 – Knits
The Best Knits of 2007
The Montego Bay Scarf was voted best knit due to its versatility and wonderous color. It has great drape and really works with a variety of fashions. It was a simple knit but one of those wardrobe powerhouses that just makes everything pop.
Noro Butterfly topped the list because it was such a wonderful knit to make. It have a great color and is very warm and cuddly. It definitely makes a statement and it holding up nicely.
So there you have it, the knits of 2007.
Next up… The sewn objects of 2007

Finished Object – Montego Bay Scarf


I will apologize ahead of time for the crappy review of this project. It has been finished for quite some time and I only remembered it because it was cold enough to warrant the donning of knitted accessories today. Besides, the blogging fodder as been in short supply due to my continued exhaustion and the endless nature of my Bradshaw sweater, which I hope to have finished this weekend…*crossing fingers*.

Yarn: Blue Heron Rayon Metallic in Mossy Place colorway
Inspiration: Montego Bay Scarf
Size 8
Yardage: 550 yards
Modifications: After knitting the skinnier scarf I casted on for 65 stitches, approximately 1.5 times the stitches, it wider and shorter
Enjoyment Factor: 6

Knit Time: Ummmm….hmmm..about 2 weeks? Guess I should have blogged about this before not, eh?

The Good:

  • The pattern really show cases the yarn.
  • It is really light and soft so it is made for that not quite hot, not quite cold in between weather.
  • It is a great, simple accessory piece that I thinks I will love due to the softness of the yarn. I also love the slight bling bling from my yarn choice.


The Bad:

  • Knitters Ego! It gets you every time. You think you know the pattern, it is simple right? Ahhh, you forget to knit 3 instead of 4 stitches on the end and that is when the pattern starts to go haywire and your knitting starts slanting in the wrong direction.
  • Monotony. This pattern is definitely a filler knit. It is that project that you pick up when you need a mindless knit, but definitely cannot serve as you primary focus

The Ugly:

  • Nothing really, or at least nothing I can remember so I guess that is pretty much the same.

In conclusion, there really is not much that can be said about this project.  Pretty much, just knit it!  In the end you will have a finished object you love!

Phew! I need a vacation!


…Cause I am pooped! I went a little crazy on the crafting last week and the funny part is that I have more to show you but the pictures will have to wait until after Hawaii. I didn’t get around to the Amy Butler Cafe Wrap Skirt, and didn’t want to start a potential big girl disaster with the shirt, so I substituted another skirt and some Frenchy Bags. I gotta say Crack has nothing on Craft 🙂 Thank goodness obsessive crafting is not illegal.

Thank you everyone who joined me in the FO parade last week and left comments. I truly loved and appreciated all of them and all of you.

So what am I doing now? Preparing the vacation knitting of course. What you see in the picture is an almost finished Montego Bay Scarf that was supposed to be my vacation knitting project, coincidently it will be anyway because it was ripped last night. It was a sad parting as I was going so quickly I was worried that I would finish it before the vacation. It was only when I reached 60″ of the 80″ that I realized that I would rather have a wider scarf/stole size finished object, especially with so much yarn left. The pattern calls for 440 yards and I have 550, plus I don’t need it to be so big. So Montego Bay will once again make the vacation knitting cut, along with the Drop Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits.

There will be no blogging until my return, not that it should be truly noticed as this blog is pretty sporatic anyway. But have a wonderful week and I will see you later with Hawaii shots and FO in the wild pics 🙂