Designing a Collection

“Lately I have been obsessed with the idea of fashion collections. Now I am not the type to follow the fashion scene at all, but ever since I have begun sewing I have been looking at the cohesiveness of designer collections and how every piece tends to work together for a common theme and vision of the artist. When it has come to my knitting and sewing it has pretty much been about the one piece, not how it fits into the overall scheme of my wardrobe or my fashion style (not that there really is one).

Therefore, I have decided to take the Fall season and plan an actual collection to knit and sew. Sure there will be deviants from the cohesive style, but ultimately I want the colors and designs to work together. By the end of the season, lets say March 2008, I want to create a slide show of my finished collection.”

I wrote this part of the post about two weeks ago. I didn’t publish it due to lack of direction on how to begin, resulting in a lack of commitment to doing it. So I find it to be fortuitous that I would wait to publish the post because yesterday I stumbled across fibermom who is participating in a sewing a long called SWAP – Sewing with a Plan. How ingenious!!!



Although I am not participating in the group, because it started on August 1 and ends December 1, I loved all the details and ideas they compiled for designing a cohesive collection. I guess in essence I will be a groupie 🙂

I have read through all the details and think I will follow the guidelines of SWAP, but just go it alone to reduce the pressure (yes, I know crafting is fun, but I tend to stress out quite a bit about the little things). Also, I think I will rename the acronym to Stitches with a Plan because I am both a knitter and seamstress so the two may combine in this venture. I posted links below to some of the really good information the ladies of SWAP collected, just in case anyone else was interested.

My first step for SWAP, which I encourage everyone to do, is go to My Shape, and get to know all your measurements. It is such an indication that you need to diet and the scale isn’t just lying to you enlightening tool and makes sewing and finding the right pattern that much easier. According to my measurements I am a type A body shape. After reading through the recommendations from the site, I definitely think it hits my style preferences on the mark.

Some coming attractions at the Lint Knitter: Cutting my jacket for my tailoring class, progress on my shirt for my intermediate sewing class, and my finished Bradshaw sweater! Woo Hoo!!!