The Right Tools


One thing that any carpenter, construction worker, or engineer will attest too is that the work is far more efficient and enjoyable when you have the right tools. For me as the knitter, this would be my Clover 8″ circulars. These things are the most cheap and awkward looking devices I have knit with, but they are neither of the two accusations. Instead they were on the expensive side and once you get your rhythm working with them the work is smooth and fast. I started this on DPN but I really don’t like DPN’s that much so I put the work down until I remembered these babies. I bought these a while ago on a whim but am itching to get some more after rediscovering them.

If you are wondering, that is Knitty’s Shimmer on the needles now. This will be a guilty bribe present for my mother who always says I never knit her anything. I got the yarn on sale (my M.O.) at Michael’s so I thought it would be a good time to pay my penance start on her project. It is working up pretty fast and it distracting me from reknitting the Bradshaw sweater. Need to get back on the ball since the WEBS order should be here this week 🙂