Destash!! Destash!!

Ok y’all! Stupid Juliet has thrown me for a loop (more on that later) so I am over the knit your stash idea. I chose Juliet because I had the right type of yarn and wanted something quick. I didn’t love this yarn, I didn’t love this pattern, sure I liked both but I didn’t LOVE them. Well, that combination leads to nothing good and pregnancy shrugs that you HATE HATE HATE. Life is too short to knit fugly. So I put together a little destash party!

No, I am not giving up knitting and Yes, I will show it to you before I give it away for dismanteling but I now believe “If the yarn don’t fit, it must be quit”.


Attention all you P-Mart shoppers. We have yarn galore but no room to store, so if you like what you see go ahead and buy it from me!

  • All prices include US shipping (which in fact constitutes the majority of the price ๐Ÿ˜ฏ )
  • I have cats, but yarn was stored in ziploc bags
  • Items are first come, first serve so when they are gone they are gone.
  • You can purchase by sending and e-mail to me at hail2worf(at)hotmail(dot)com. Please also include your shipping address and an e-mail I can send a Paypal request for payment to.

And a little something special for the bloggers out there. If you buy something on the destash page, I can enclose some extra yarny goodies (i.e. pretty good one off balls of yarn) with your order if you add the word “goodies” ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Thanks and have fun shopping ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Artfibers Harlequin – $12.00

  • 2 balls/ 198.0 yards (all in original balls)
  • Colorway: 5 – green
  • Use suggestions: Lacy Scarf like this Drop Stitch Scarf

Madil Maya – $10.00

  • 8 balls/480 yards (one wound, others in original balls)
  • Colorway:214 – beige with some grey, white varigation in the threads)
  • Yarn content: 50% new wool/40% acrylic/10% polyamide – this is super soft.
  • Use suggestions: DROPS Cabled Bag, hats, scarves

Elann Peruvian Highland Wool – $8.00

  • 3+ skeins/ 327+ yards (all in original skeins)
  • Colorway: heathered orange – 744/Dye Lot: 83
  • Use Suggestion: This Ravelry link or would be excellent for felting or a baby sweater

Cascade 220 – $22.00 PENDING

  • 5 skiens/1100 yards (all in original skeins)
  • Colorway: 9420 Teal/Dye lot: 8881 (please note color is a little more green in real life)
  • Use Suggestion: This Ravelry Link or Just about anything… it IS Cascade 220!

Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky – $18.00 PENDING

Knit One Crochet Too Angora Soft – $20.00 PENDING

GGH Samoa – $25.00 SOLD

Rowan Felted Tweed – $20.00 SOLD

Classic Elite Beatrice – $12.00 SOLD

Louisa Harding Impression – $15.00 SOLD

  • 4 balls/616 yards (1 wound, other in original balls)
  • Colorway: 15/ Dyelot 26
  • Use suggestions: This Ravelry link, or Clapotis

Rowan Calmer – $26.00SOLD

GGH Big Easy – $12.00 SOLD

  • 8 balls/ 616.0 yards (all in original balls)
  • Colorway: 17 Navy Blue/ Dyelot 301
  • Use suggestions: This Ravelry link, or tank top, lots of baby stuff (sweater, booties, etc.)

Zephyr Laceweight Wool & Silk – $12.00 SOLD

  • 2 balls/1260 yards (both wound into balls)
  • Colorway: Aegean Blue (soft peacock blue)
  • Use suggestions: This Ravelry link, or peacock feathers shawl, or lace lace and more lace

Yarn Place Graceful – $12.00 SOLD

  • 1 ball/904.0 (in original ball)
  • Colorway: Golden Tones 3607
  • Use suggestions: This Ravelry link, or lace lace and more lace

2007 Finished Objects – The Knit Edition

Grand Total:5 sweaters, 2 bags, 3 scarves, 1 shawl, 1 knit toy, 1 pair of socks, and 1 hat.
Wow, I have been one busy knitting bee this year. This has also probably been one of my most successful years for knitting as well. I tackled some complex techniques, designs, and learned a variety of new knitting talents. Some of which are: Tubular Cast on, two color knitting, cabling without a needle, lace work, picking up stitches, making a heel gusset, kitchener stitch, and knitting in the round.
Finished Object 2007 – Knits
The Best Knits of 2007
The Montego Bay Scarf was voted best knit due to its versatility and wonderous color. It has great drape and really works with a variety of fashions. It was a simple knit but one of those wardrobe powerhouses that just makes everything pop.
Noro Butterfly topped the list because it was such a wonderful knit to make. It have a great color and is very warm and cuddly. It definitely makes a statement and it holding up nicely.
So there you have it, the knits of 2007.
Next up… The sewn objects of 2007

Finished Object – McCallโ€™s M5053 Skirt


This is the second time I have worn my new skirt. This was my outfit to my sister’s graduation. I got quite a few compliments and was very happy when I was able to say that I made both the skirt AND the sweater. Hee hee, I am such a sucker for a compliment but too embarrassed and self conscious to fish for them. That is probably why I blog.

Fabric: Flat Folds from M&L
Inspiration: McCall’s M5053 Skirt
New Tech: This was my first time making a sewn article of clothing for a real person, so all tech was new tech
Cost: Approximately $10.00
Enjoyment Factor:

The Good:

  • This was my first skirt ever. It was one of the three projects I am doing for my sewing class. I think it came out pretty good construction wise
  • The fabric was extremely inexpensive since I got it from the flat folds at my favorite fabric store M&L. The flat folds are the lower quality fabric areas of the store. It does not mean bad quality, but just not the heirloom quality you use for quilting. There is an area for those fabrics and they are still less expensive than the quilt stores. If you are ever in So Cal and just want to get tons of fabric, go to M&L. It is not a pretty store, but you definitely get a HUGE selection.
  • This skirt cost me about $8 bucks in fabric, the rest was the zipper and thread
  • I put in my first zipper, which should allow me to use my zipper foot with confidence for a knitting bag I want to make
  • It matches my new Apricot Jacket!!!


The Bad:

  • The fit on the skirt is a little big. I always second guess my body measurements, with knitting I only have the deal with the bust. With this skirt I had to measure my hips and waist for the first time. Dear God!! This is my womanly self conscious area so I normally deal with the lower body with the adage “ignorance is bliss”. Well, I made the right size but just thought it might be too big because I kinda wrapped it around my body with clothes on it class. So I opened the yoke a little more. I should have left it as it would have fit better.
  • My bottom hem is a little wonky because it was a huge curved surface with a “neat hem” meaning it was rolled twice. My teacher gave me a technique to make it easier, but even then it took forever.
  • I had to hand stitch the yoke facing. It looks good, but it took the entire viewing of “Blood Diamond” to finish it.

The Ugly:

  • Nothing on the outside, but man the inside finishing is not all that great. My zigzag stitches for the clean edges is quite a bit away from the edge, so it will fray a little with washing.

Sewing Time: 12 hours – Not hard, but I only did it in class and had to learn all sorts of new techiques.

Finished Object: Apricot Jacket


I am in love with this sweater. I think it will be getting a lot of use in it’s lifetime as the yarn is soft and the sweater fits pretty well. The sleeves…OH the SLEEVES! I love them. They definitely make the sweater. Rebecca does have good details added to their sweaters, even if the instructions are impossible to decipher.


Yarn: GGH Samoa
Inspiration: Rebecca 27 Apricot Jacket
Size 7
Yardage: 11 balls
Modifications: Shortened sleeves and overall length of pieces by 5cm. No buttons, used hook and eye instead as the closure
Enjoyment Factor:8


  • The Good:
    • This project only cost $25 bucks and I knit from my Stash!! I bought this yarn from the Yarn Lady Sale this year so it hasn’t been in there long, but it was still stash
    • The details on this sweater are wonderful. I was petting myself the entire day on the first wear
    • I am in love with the sleeves. They are definitely my favorite part of the sweater, especially where it comes together at the seams, just lovely


  • The Bad:
    • Oh my GOSH!!! this pattern sucks! If it had not been for those who came before me I would have surely given up on this stupid pattern a long time ago.
    • I hate pattern that tell you to mirror the other side when making a right or left side. I cannot envision what they are asking even if it is as clear as day. I messed up on a stupid ribbing section because it had a seaming side. It pissed me off to have to reknit that portion. Just tell me what you want from me damn it.
    • Beside the fact that I have never had any intention of wearing this sweater completely closed, as though that were possible to begin with (read: chub is taking over my body), I could not bring myself to do the crochet for the buttons. Instead I replaced the button closures with some hook and eyes which work well for me, I think.
    • The seaming on the sleeves was murder. I love raglan sleeves, set-in’s suck. My seam was a little bulky but after 3 tries I said to hell with it, this is as good as it gets.


  • The Ugly:
    • Cotton yarn is so unforgiving. I points out every flaw in your knitting. I couldn’t get away with even the slightest tension difference. And you think you can block that out?? Forget it.
    • I am not that in love with the meeting of the edges on the collar portion of the sweater. I had every intention of grafting these together but after my frustration with the sleeve, the amount of yarn tails, and wanting to get it done with the minimum of fuss, I got lazy, bound off the stitches and mattress stitched it together. Not horrible, but definitely not what it could have been.
    • It is not ugly now, but the back had this HUGE glaring ugly stitch that kept gnawing at me as I continued on with the sleeves and fronts. I ended up ripping it out for a variety of reason, but that was one of the major ones.
  • Knit Time: January 20 – March 26

Just Another Manic Monday…

Ok so this is how my Monday started…


Yup, I was sporting my Sunrise Circle Jacket today thinking I was wearing a PAIR, not just ONE brown shoe. My boss noticed this when I was mimicking Cameron Diaz running about a mile, in heels, in the SNOW during a scene in The Holiday which I though was ridiculous. Who knew the joke was on me. This made me laugh all day long today. Just shows the lack of mental, let alone physical motivation that I lacked throughout the day. This was the type of day that put even the bored workers in Office Space to shame. PC LOAD LETTER!!!!

Anyway, you are here for the knitting, so here is a recap of what I did and didn’t do this weekend.

I didn’t….

  • …finish the Apricot Jacket as I should have. With only some weaving in and a hook and eye to install you would have thought I would have this puppy up and worn by now. The weekend was even perfect for some daytime shots. Did I? NOPE!
  • …work on that never ending Chevron Scarf. I really like the scarf but COME ON!!! This is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!

I did…

  • …start on Wicked with some stash (yes, STASH) yarn.


It is Queensland Llama Seta in a Wicked Red color. My first red sweater and my first top down, knit in the round sweater. Should be interesting


  • …buy some Minkie fabric which is super soft on sale at the Tall Mouse. I will be making some blankets in the near future.

So that is the recap for the weekend. Hope to have something more for ya’ll soon.

Finished Object: Center Square Hat


Yarn: Paton’s Merino Yarn
Inspiration: Knitty’s Center Square Hat

Needles: Size 11
Yardage: Partial Skein of Red and Grey
Modifications: Used standard K2TOG decrease for the crown
Enjoyment Factor:7

  • The Good:
    • I knit from my Stash!!
    • The pattern: I did my first Stranded Colorwork Project!
    • Its super fast and easy and showed me a little bit of fair isle, which I need for the Anemoi Gloves
    • The hat turns out really thick and cushy which equals uber warm…me like
  • The Bad:
    • I didn’t like the top of the hat being flat like the pattern so I did a standard decrease at the crown. This was a tip off from my friend J who made this hat already
    • The crown of this hat is pretty snug due to the tightness of my intarsia which also resulted in the 1×1 ribbing being loose and useless. Next time I might add a set of circles to make it a little bigger and use smaller needles for the ribbing.


  • The Ugly:
    • It seems that I messed up the pattern on the top circles of the hat resulting in a grey blob on the edge of the circles. Since this was a practice hat I didn’t feel like going back to fix it (read: design element)
    • I didn’t close the stitches tight enough or something on the top of the hat so when put on the head it leaves little holes at the top in the shape of a star. I liked them but the recipient asked why there were little holes in it. I told him it was for air conditioning on such a warm hat (read: design element)


Knit Time: March 20-21

  • Off and on knitting at night while shooting evil glances at my Apricot Jacket. Approx. 5 hours

Distraction Plan#1: Hey Look What I Got!

No real WIP Weekend Update this weekend as the knitting was not that exciting. I finished the two sides of the Doctor’s Bag after getting my shipment from WEBS and I am now reknitting the bottom. Should be seeming next week. The apricot sweater is progressing nicely as well.

What I will distract you with are my new purchases. Now this has been over the course of a few weeks I just neglected to blog about them. So here they are:

Weekend Knitting I have wanted for a while and got for 40% off at Michaels, The Interweave magazine which I have to make the Half Dollar Sweater, and the Fast Quilts for Fat Quarters Book because I am taking a quilting class so I might as well start the hoarding and collecting early.

The highlights of my recent purchases were the Phildar Magazines which I got for 40% off and were received really quickly after placing the order. Items I plan to knit are:

I also got Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters which I think is an excellent resource. I have other finishing books but each one has their own unique perspective on things. I figure if I get two or three new ideas from it, it is worth being in my collection. This one has a section on lining jackets, zippers and taking care of garments. Yeah you can get this on the internet or from a variety of other finishing books but I like the presentation in this one.

Confession time…I have very little news to share on knitting because I have been doing this:

Amy Butler Clutch from In Stitches

My excuse is that I started my 16 week beginning sewing class this weekend. I temporarily have to bug for sewing. I think it may go back into hibernation come Monday but for now, I hope to finish this bag this weekend.