Finished Object: Butterick 6881


Here is a quicky project that I finally whipped up.


Pattern: Butterick 6881, view E

Pattern Description: Loose-fitting, A-line or slightly flared robe, hood, front zipper, side pockets, long sleeves and stitched hems. 

Pattern Sizing: XL

Fabric Used: cheapy fleece from Joann’s

Notions Used: Zipper

Pattern Alterations: None

The Good:

  • Working with Fleece is so fun and forgiving! This project was very easy and it came out so well.  It is amazing how fleece looks so nice even though you are just cutting the fabric and leaving the ends raw.
  • I highly recommend this pattern for a cosy robe.  I plan to make another in fleece, probably view B, when it gets colder
  • I love the hood!  It is perfect for keeping my neck warm and toasty.  And although you can’t see it, this robe reaches all the way down to the tops of my feet.  The Snuggie aign’t got nothin’ on this!

The Bad:

  • I made this between 8 to 10 weeks ago so the construction details have all but faded away in my mind.  Looking at the picture tells me its been a while because my hair has grown quite a bit since then 🙂
  • For some reason the installation of the zipper was a challenge and didn’t come out quite as nicely as I wanted it it absolutely works

The Ugly:

  • I won’t get to use it again for quite a few months, but it will be waiting when the time comes.