Finished Object: Recycled Magazine Butterfly Collage


I love magazines.  LOVE THEM!! I go the bookstore on a regular basis to find new ones that peak my interest.  Don’t let me start another hobby because I will have acquired every magazine about the subject in order to saturate myself with information.

Last year I signed up for 4 magazine subscriptions in an effort to curtail my investment in individual magazines  and curb my visits to the bookstore.  Now, I said I love magazines but I have to admit I HATE magazine subscriptions.  They stress me OUT!!  I just think of all the room they take up and trees that sacrificed their lives so that I could have a quick read especially if they are not tutorial or pattern based giving me no reason to keep them.  So in my throws of guilt…I keep them.

However, when I saw the The Butterfly Project at LollyChop via Craftzine I knew that at least a small part of my magazine collection (read: very small) would find new life via a pretty display of color.


I bought the frame from JoAnn’s and my BFF allowed me to use here Martha Stewart punches that she bought from Micheal’s  so I did not have to buy a set of my own only to use one time which would have negated the whole reuse effort.


The project actually took me a few days to complete.  The time spent was divided between cutting the tiny foam square into smaller squares, stacking the in variable height towers…


…and agonizing over proper placement and color combinations…LOL.


All in all a fun, quick, crafty reuse project.  For all the juicy details for this tutorial and other creative goodies, go over to LollyChop!


See ya later!

38 thoughts on “Finished Object: Recycled Magazine Butterfly Collage

  1. I love it! Yours is beautiful and my favorite too! 🙂
    And I hate to admit it, but I have a “thing” for collecting magazines too- and I wish it stopped there! I collect too many things! Ack! 😛

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  3. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. Now to get the stamps!

    I facebook shared this, by the way. And your link was sent to me by stumbleupon. Not sure when i signed up for it, but apparently i did!

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  5. I too love magazines like crazy – I cannot believe how awesome they are these days. I may have a bit of a magazine hoarding problem because I find so many of them too beautiful to part with!

  6. this is wonderful ….so simple elegant and it reuses items all people must have around the place…and it has such an impact on everyone…well done

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