Week in Chic – 6/20

Crafting… with reuse in mind. Following my current trend of recycling magazines (post about that coming soon), I plan on making some of magazine bowls.

I also have to get my booty in gear making chiffon flowers for a Walk for the Cure fundraiser at work.


I have committed to 50 pcs but have lost a bit of steam.  Not because I don’t love making them, I just HATE making things in mass.  No etsy store in my near future…LOL!

Sewing… Nothing so far, but I am dreaming up a duvet cover using this AMAZING new fabric I discovered during my internet window shopping.


Isn’t it amazing?! It’s Laura Gunn’s Lantern Bloom.  I absolutely LOVE the color combination!  This is the first time I have wanted to buy every single print from a designer.  I am so In.LOVE.

Knittinga betty minisweater because I need a fairly quick project on the needles.  I had some pretty red Bernat Satin yarn that has the prettiest sheen but due to the lace and the 100% acrylic content combo I didn’t think it would block very well so I abandon my first attempt and start over with some trusty Cotton Fleece.  Oh, by the way, I also finished my Clapotis but the pics will have to wait for a little more sun.

Eating… Less! At least trying too anyway.  We have a biggest loser thing at work and although that does not necessarily motivate me it does keep me aware.  This week I lost 5.5 Lbs!! Woot woot!  Let’s hope that this is not a fluke…LOL.  Oh yeah,  I also returned to the gym which kicked my butt!  I can normally jump in and out of exercise without being too sore but I guess age is catching up to me 🙂

Watching… my speedometer.  In fact cruise control has been my friend this week.  While cruising along at the speed limit I have had ample time to observe that a vast number of the population drives up to 5 mph under the speed limit.  I do understand that it is a Maximum Speed Limit, but damn!  Must learn patience…

Finally… Opting out of those stupid balance transfer checks they send out weekly.  I had already opted out of statements and thought that maybe this onslaught of paper just couldn’t be stopped but I finally called the companies to find out how to get out of these mailers and it is an entirely different opt out procedure.  So there you go people. If you are getting the balance transfer checks call the companies and OPT out of that too.

and so ends this week’s, Week in Chic!

Organizing… Everything via computer!! That has been my thing this weekend.  I pared down my blog categories and actually started using tags and I transferred my sewing pattern collection from my Peacock Chic Flickr to a Flick site of its own Peacockcouture.

Mozilla Firefox #01

This is where I have chronicled all my BWOF and Big Four patterns so I can use tags to search my collection when planning my next project.  I love it! Especially with my iphone making the internet so handy.  If you want to use it too, go for it.  All the hard work is done…might as well share it :smile:

Sewing… my yellow burda jacket still.  I got the collar done and facings on, now I just have to join the two and do lots and lots of topstitching.  Actually I don’t know if the word “JUST” is the right term since this jacket has been an on and off adventure for quite some time.

Knitting… on my clapotis.  I am only a few rows from being finished so expect a finished object post soon.  Now I just have to figure out whether to work on WIPs or start something new

Photographing… nothing really.  My 365 set has all but fizzled out as a constant thing.  I don’t know when it happened but it just did.  I still want to keep up with the photography aspect of it so I might have to change my view from 365 to just chronically those days that mean something.   I also need to work on my grandnieces pictures that I took weeks ago and on the tulip farm pics and on the Maker Fair pics and on the aquarium pics…oy vay!

Eating… homemade microwave kettle corn!  I had a hankering for kettle corn and I cannot stand the microwave kind you get in the store (fyi –  it is made from sucralose not sugar due to potential burning…yuck).  So I merged this kettle corn recipe with the microwave popcorn in a paper bag technique and voila!  Kettle Corn!

IMG_5537 IMG_5539

IMG_5547 IMG_5540

Watching… nothing…specially due to the digital switch over.  I don’t have cable and have been using antenna service.  I did get the digital box converter but my antenna is not the right kind to work with the new system.  Errr…now I have to get a new antenna to watch broadcast tv.  Thank goodness for TV via internet.

That’s all folks…Have a great week!

One thought on “Week in Chic – 6/20

  1. Great status update! 🙂

    That dream duvet would be sooo pretty! Go for it!!!

    Yay you!!! @ 6lbs (hey lets round up!!) If you keep on doing what ya doing it will all work out. I have 10 more I want to lose. Now if I can only get into the gym myself! LOL

    Such at ka-ute mini sweater!!! So classic Jackie-O ish look to it…mmmh may have to consider after I read your review.

    Huh?? @ balance transfer checks?? I so don’t get it…BUT I do know I am paperless on all my bills.

    Glad all is wel with ya woman!! 🙂

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