Finished Object: Moonstitches Owls by Peacock Chic

This pattern has been on my to do list for quite a while.  I really loved them but never really had a reason to make them.  I don’t really like having useless knickknacks and despite their cuteness they did not serve a purpose.  However, during my knit fabric class someone had mentioned pattern weights to keep down the fabric and pattern in lieu of pins.  I saw one girl take out some rather pricey, generic, looking sandbag things and I thought, ” Hey I could make a cuter weight than that!”  Hence my swarm of Moonstitches Owls!

Pattern: Moonstitches Owls from her Tutowlrial

Fabric Used: Various Wools and Canvas

Notions Used: buttons…lots and lots of buttons, rice, and polyfill

Pattern Alterations: I made small and big ones!

The Good:

  • They are ridiculously cute!
  • They use so little fabric that all sorts of fabric scraps can be used up
  • I found this template to use for shape and size so I didn’t really have to guess at all
  • They work up quick and are very easy to do.  The assembly line process is highly recommended if you are making quite a few.  Otherwise it probably takes about 10-15 minutes to make one of these once you get the hang of it.

The Bad:

  • The template I used produced the little owls.  Although cute, I needed something a little bigger for my intended use so I scaled up by about another 50% which got me the larger owls
  • When sewing down the nose I went a little too far and tacked it down about mid stomach.  I should have placed it higher which would give you a taller, less squat owl.  Because they were so squatty I couldn’t put the letters that i wanted to stamp on each one.  Ahh well.

The Ugly:

  • I obviously lost my mind when I thought to make 17+ owls.  Now I didn’t realize how crazy I was until I had finished all the quick sewing and got into the hand work.  17 embroidered noses, 17 hand stitched bases, and 34 hand sewn buttons later I was pooped…surprising I still like them 🙂


27 thoughts on “Finished Object: Moonstitches Owls by Peacock Chic

  1. Oooh, Oooh [said like an owl] they are sooooooo cute. I plan to make some…this will resolve my issue at my son’s bday cookout, where the cake display tablecloth always wants to fly away. Oooh, if I can part with them [yours are so adorable] I may let the kiddies take one as a favour(paper weight).

  2. They are freajubg cute! They remind me of Pig (if you’ve read Harry Potter, you know who I’m talking about). I use empty spagetti sauce jars filled with decorative sand but these I could definitely do…

  3. I love these so much; they turned out wonderfully cute. I’ve signed myself up to make 15 bird ornaments (from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts) to attach to holiday gifts, and I’m already wondering about myself….and those don’t require the embroidery.

  4. These owls manage to make “ridiculously cute” an understatement! And I am even more impressed that you found a way to make them functional too. Kudos to cuteness with a purpose!

  5. my goodness, I must not get out much – those are the coolest things I have seen in a while! Of course, they are probably cute to everyone.

    You could do a whole ZOO of critters and pack them into egg cartons (use the 18 or 24 egg cartons) and sell them at craft fairs, fund raisers, even old folks homes!

    You could run a contest with one of the little critters being a “winner”. Kind of like the golden Easter egg idea.

    Let me know if you can mass produce, maybe you are on to something! good job!

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