The Great Move of 2010

It has been five years since I moved into my apartment and in those years it has been good to me.  But if you have spent any time with me over the past few months you would know that I am over it and itching, jonesing, OBSESSING about moving.  I feel like the white walls of my boxy apartment are closing in on me and I need a release.  That release will come, I hope, in February when I move into a 2 bedroom apartment in Long Beach.  Now I have quite a few months until this dream materializes so in the meantime I am playing interior decorator as I gather little tidbits from magazines and scour all the DIY decorating websites.   I figures I would preserve these ideas and inspirations as well as chronicle them for future reference here on this old blog.  Now I will try and credit everything so that you all know where to find things and no one thinks I am taking credit for their great taste.

Colored Peg Board - Real Simple Magazine

This was seen in Real Simple Magazine.  I love the colored peg board for my future craft room.  You did know that was the impending future of the second bedroom, didn’t you?

Clipboard organization - Martha Stewart Magazine

This was an excerpt from a 2008 issue of Martha Stewart magazine.  I like the way the clipboards are both functional as organization and decoration.

Bedroom Color Scheme - Crate & Barrell

I have been lusting after this gorgeous color scheme – green with teal.  This is the Veranda Coverlet in Verde.  The Teal Rug is a kira Rug…way out of my price range though.  I was also wondering about how dark furniture looks with lighter hardwood and I think it looks quite nice here.

3 way mirror - Stave Mirror - Ikea

I have been thinking about making myself a three way mirror when I move and potentially decorating the backs if they are the cheaper thinner mirrors.  Here are the Stave Mirrors from the latest Ikea Magazine displayed just the way I was thinking.

Other Links

Design Sponge – Everything, Just EVERYTHING about his house is perfect. I am also a little obsessed with the red and turquoise color scheme too.

Design Sponge – Love the rug and the black frame with fabric inside

Design Sponge – Pretty DIY with wallpaper.  This company sells by the yard so I might buy some to spruce up my sewing cabinet

Decor 8 – Just so pretty and clean!

Design Sponge – Love the red and turquoise used.  The aerial view is to die for! and enough room for TWO sofas?!

Threadbangers – This whole DIY series made me happy!!

Craft Gossip – How cool is this?!  Too bad I got rid of all my slides.