My New Craft Room!


Ok…its not so much a dedicated room as much as a craft space on the table in the dining room of my apartment. But we can always dream can’t we? Anyway I recently got the urge to reorganize my craft area because I saw this wonderful Asker system from Ikea on Craftapoolza’s blog. As soon as I saw her blog entry, I jumped in my car, drove the 5 minutes from work to the Ikea, and bought all the stuff I needed.

After my gym workout, I rushed home and installed the system. The white eggs really are the best part of this system. They just set it apart from the others. When I have company over I will reorganize a bit and add little fake plants to the white eggs for decoration. All this new stuff was just the catalyst needed to do an entire space reorg.


I have a three drawer rolling cart that I put under my table so while at Ikea I bought some storage containers to fit inside. I also discovered that I have WAY too much bias tape 🙂


I might have also caught the reorganization bug due to the new addition to the crafting space. My new Brother 1034D Serger. I will name him Overlocking Brotha – kinda like Conspiracy Brother and Smart Brother both of who are characters from the movie Undercover Brotherand my sewing machine will be known as Sistah Girl 🙂 I have yet to fiddle around with it, but I did sign up for one of my notorious $5.00 class which should teach me all I need to know about sergers and then some.

With all these wonderful additions I can now say my craft space is “SOLID”!