Audience Participation

As Ms. Tee Sims stated, I am such a a cyber-tease.  And she is right…hahahaha.

But I do hate the let down of a really good trailer coupled with a bad movie after building up the audience’s expectation.  So my two topics are my hair experience as of late and the flash photography workshop I did this weekend.

Since both posts will be fairly lengthy, I need to chose which one to finish first so I am putting it to my blog reader audience to decide.

Would you like to hear about my hair or my flash photography workshop first?

and if you don’t care about either you can sit back and ride the blogging wave.

First person to respond will dictate the order of blogging.



So much to Say.

O.M.G. I have so much to tell you.  I am so giddy I don’t even have a picture to go with this post, which is a no no in my blog world, but I was so eager to tell you how good I feel.

My weekend was so good it felt like it was 5 days long.  All good and all for the best.  This is a very rare cosmic occurrence that I can’t wait to share with you guys.

Now don’t go thinking I won the lottery or anything.  I am just saying that my spirit is lifted and very very happy and that is a good thing.

See you later this week with more details.

FO2010: Simplicity 2560

I ended up having to stay home from work today for various “Perfect Storm” style reasons. Nothing bad, but it was funny how things fell into place that led to my joyous reluctant hookey day at work.  To make sure the day did not go unappreciated I did some measurements for pants, some experimental cooking, and am now blogging yet another FO from 2010. Not bad for an unplanned day off.

Pattern: Simplicity 2560

Pattern Description: Misses’ knit cardigans with 5 views

Pattern Sizing: 8-24, I made a size 20 View A

Fabric Used: Grey Ribbed Knit with lots of Lycra

Notions Used: None

Pattern Alterations: Added a hook and eye closure

The Good:

  • This one was yet another quick knit project.  I started and finished all the seams in one knit.  It was the hem that took the longest.  I contemplated leaving it unfinished but ultimately bit the bullet and finished off.  I am happy I did
  • This cardigan is a work horse.  I think I wear it at least 2-3 times a week.  As goldilocks would say…Not too hot, not too cold, juuuuust right 😀

  • I really like the hook and eye closure I added.  Super simple and not necessarily the best aesthetic addition but I like the way it doesn’t flop open and how the top portion defines my waist better.

The Bad:

  • The hem was a bear. All that tiny hem plus the rounded edge was not my favorite part.  I just trudged through and made it to the other side.

  • I originally wanted to make this long sleeve but was not able to eek it out of the fabric I had.  That will be the next version
  • It was so easy I actually volunteered to make someone else one the next time I was cutting the pattern.  This is bad because I have horrible follow through on crafting for others.  Good thing I made no time commitments.  But that does put a bit of a damper on when I actually make this pattern again :worry:

The Ugly:

  • I really love everything about the fabric I used for this cardigan as I think the Lycra has a very bouncy feel and great recovery which adds the perfect element to the drape on the front.  The problem is two fold –  One, I don’t know what type of knit I should be looking for and two,I have no idea where I got it.

FO2010: Simplicity 3503 + McCalls 6070

OMG.  I just realized that I only posted two FOs last year.  Guess the first part of 2011 may be a recap afterall…LOL!!  Maybe by mid 2011 I could actually do a retrospective.  Don’t count on it though.  Onward and Upward for 2011.

Pattern: Simplicity 3503 + McCalls 6070

Pattern Description: Knit dress with choice of bodice (surplice or V neck), backs (full coverage or halter), and skirt length.

Pattern Sizing: 6-22. I cut a size 18

Fabric Used: ITY knit maybe??  I can never tell.  It is nice and slippery so it doesn’t cling at all

Notions Used: Elastic for shoulder gathering

Pattern Alterations: Combined the two patterns ala Amanda at Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing

The Good:

  • I made both of these dresses in about 1-2 nights and that is amazing for my speed of sewing.  The black version was for a wedding and is slightly below the knee and the peacock print was a maxi dress I made the day before Thanksgiving.
  • I love how the two patterns flowed together so easily

  • I also like that the girls were sufficiently covered using the top portion from McCalls 6070

  • I actually used this pattern more than once!! There are very few patterns that get that honor
  • I used up some of my prized peacock print knit.  I had been mulling over the pattern for too long and just decided to cut.  Thank goodness I was greedy smart enough to buy about 4.5 yards because I have more to play with 🙂

The Bad:

  • For the black one I was in a such a hurry that I flipped the midriff band, but no one can tell except me 😀

  • The weight of the long skirt on the peacock maxi dress kinda pulls the dress down more than I would like.  Feels a little droopy because of the material selection.  But the feeling, if not the actual affect, goes away as I continue to wear it and I doubt anyone is really paying attention to that either except me.

The Ugly:

  • That I have missed you guys and was too lazy to blog.  Good thing we are close like that and I can disappear for a while but we pick right back up again like no time has passed 🙂 .  Hope 2011 keeps me on track.

2011 = Balance and Focus

BALANCE and FOCUS are the key words for 2011 and finding them will be my goal for 2011.  Between sewing, knitting, cooking, exercising, working, blogging, and living I need to find a way to do and enjoy each of these activities without feeling stressed about about what I am NOT doing.  “Living in the moment” if you will.

So I probably will not do a 2010 retrospective because I haven’t been here all that often so there are a lot of things I did in 2010 that you have no idea I did.  I will get to telling you about them, but for now I am moving forward and relieving some of the stress of the past.

In regard to goals, I have lots but I am taking them one at a time.  First goal is to get on a sleep schedule.  I have been waking and going to bed at ridiculous hours and I think it makes it hard to follow through with things because my energy levels are so low.  So sleeping and waking are what I am concentrating on for now.

I do have my 101 in 1001 which ends in June 2011 and I have quite a few that are not done so I have that if I feel I need something to focus on.

So hears to a more BALANCED and FOCUSED 2011.

I am soooo ready…

Haul out the holly;
Put up the tree before my spirit falls again.

Fill up the stocking,
I may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now.

For we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute,
Candles in the window,
Carols at the spinet.

Yes, we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute.
It hasn’t snowed a single flurry,
But Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry;


I will let you sing/hum the rest in your head now that I have planted the seed…. 😀


I am so ready that my decorations have been up since last weekend.  I was rivaling Target for who could get their decorations up first.  Given I had my tree up since November 1 but didn’t have time to finish the proper decorating until last weekend.

I just LOVE me some Christmas and I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I have even been enjoyed three full days of Christmas music on Pandora which probably has my neighbors a little freaked out but it has made me sooo happy.

I am sooo ready for the Christmas Holiday Season.  Bring it!

While I was Away…

… I got a library card.

I have subsequently paid the library $60.00 in overdue fines.

I have stopped using my library card.

Is it their fault?  of course not! but I am still smarting over my sheer irresponsibility my sizable donation and now remember why I stopped going to the library in the first place.


First off, I want to thank all of you still reading my blog and especially those who have commented lately.  I forgot how much I like sharing my experiences with you all and how much I LOVE getting comments.  So thank you.

On another note,  last Saturday I attended ETAC (Education of Textile Arts) and had the equivalent of a crafty religious experience.  I have to say that I didn’t know what to expect and when I got there I was a little underwhelmed by what I saw.  I was expecting something along the lines of Stitches West or The International Quilt Festival, but was surprised to find it in a medium sized DoubleTree Hotel (the one that serves the hella good chocolate chip cookies) with some ackwardly arranged classrooms.  However, for what it lacked in flair it made up for in actual educational content.

I attended  Lorraine Henry’s “The ABC’s of Pattern Alterations” first.  What a series of epiphanies!! The class was a 3 hours hands-on workshop where you made alterations for common fit problems using half scale paper patterns.  First, she told us about the proper order of making alterations, then she exposed us to the usual alteration methods and revealed the issues associated with them.  Then, we used the seam method of pattern alterations and it just seemed to click for me. Hallelujah!! I felt like I finally understood and was not intimidated by my necessary alterations.  I felt empowered.  So empowered that I bought the quite expensive second addition of Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach to the Art of Style Selection, Fitting, and Alteration (2nd Edition).

I was lucky enough to find a used copy via Amazon for much less that retail but it was still quite pricey.  Don’t get me wrong, had I not found it used I would have bought it new but I was fortunate to find a deal.

The second class was another of Lorraine’s classes, “The Pants Puzzle Solutions!”.  This was yet another class that enlightened me.  In this class she compared a McCall’s, Butterick, and Burda pants pattern and revealed quite astonishing differences  in the construction of the patterns.  She even compared them to a men’s tailored pant which showed how much less attention to detail is put into a women’s pants pattern verus a men’s.  BTW, Burda seemed to win out in her pants comparison and her body type so it makes me even more eager to try a Burda pants pattern.  She also showed us a great way of outlining our shape using a 40″ curved ruler to compare against pants patterns. Here is mine in all its irregular glory.

I kinda fudged mine as I only has a 20″ flexicurve instead of a 40″ and lord knows I needed the 40″.  But this gives you an idea of what the outcome looks like.  Seems I have a bit of a pooch and a droppy booty…LOL 🙂  Ah well, nothing like denying the obvious self discovery. The best part is that my new book has an alteration for that 😀

I had planned to add another Lorraine class on Sunday, “Fit! measure Like a Master”, but I was trapped by the endless traffic circle created by the Long Beach Marathon maze and spent 30 minutes going in a circles.  Errr….more signs Long Beach!

Anyhoo, next year I plan to get the unlimited class pass because I felt like I could have learned so much more.  The class cost was reasonable and the teachers, Lorraine in particular, were awesome.  One key point made by another of my classmates, who I think was either my age of a few years younger, was how few young people were in attendance.  My count topped out at 4 which was not much in relation to the number of attendees.  It was a shame and I hope to help remedy that next year by spreading the word early amongst my crafty peers…hint hint 😉


Crochet Double Takes

Right before I left the last time, I showed you a shot of my crocheted greenway blanket.  Here it is again…not much further along than before

IMHO, this little amount of crochet progress is hardly worthy of a blog post by itself.  However, I was looking through a catalog the other day and spotted my blanket!

The imposter is on the right and the greenway blanket is on the left.  Ok, it is not exactly MY blanket but my blanket’s doppelganger!  The one at Garnet hill is 50×70 and costs $198.00.  Based on the work I have put in so far I think that is far too low a price 🙂  But the Garnet Hill website will be a great place to send people when they ask me if I will make them one! LOL!

I also think I will make the wider boarder on my blankie.

While there I also spotted this crocheted hexagon blanket for $398

Now that pricing is more like it!  Thank goodness I can crochet 🙂

While I Was Away…

I was going to create a whole post about why I was gone and how I will do better as a blogger, but eh…I think I have done one of those already and you can see that guilty blogging only lasts a few posts before silence sets in.  So let’s just enjoy the blogging moment!

However, because I am still a veteran blogger I of course had to think of some theme to keep me going.  So I am going to a series of random posts about what I did while I was away intersperse with some current events.  This totally goes against my OCD but hey, it is Anything Can Happen Thursday (actually that is next Thursday but you get the picture).

So here we go…

While I was away…I had the best shopping trip ever!! Between thrifting and craft market shopping I scored big!

I Found this white house|black market jacket!  It is a little snug across the basooms but I plan to where it open anyway.  Love the details

3 bucks for this cropped Lane Bryant jacket.  The necklace was already mine but I love the color combo.  I want to make myself a little black dress to wear underneath

I found this short sleeve jacket for 6 bucks.  I bought it for a refashion.  The refashion is done, now I need to take pics.

All the above items were found at Out of the Closet.  This is also known as “The Pink Place” by me and Jguyver.  You would understand if you saw it.

I found this Little Ben clock and the vintage inspired fan at GW Consignment (aka Goodwill)  2 bucks for the clock and 5 bucks for the most awesome fan!! I had been looking for this style fan and found it!  Since this picture, the clock was sent back to Goodwill.  Didn’t know it ticked loudly, plus the need to wind it every two days was driving me crazy.

During my craft fair adventures I found this necklace.  Very simple but I love it and the color goes perfectly with my maxi dress.

I had spied this necklace before from a vendor at the craft fair and ended up not buying it because it has an off center wearing style that I did not 100% love so I let it be.  However, when the vendor had it for $5.00 during my last visit I snatched it up.  The beads alone are gorgeous.

So that was my superdooper shopping fest.  See you next time with more I did while away.

The Bazaar

I had dinner at The Bazaar last Saturday.  It was a great dinner despite the fact that I had some weird stomach issues going on.  But after waiting for 1.5 months for a reservation at a reasonable time, I was not going to let a little stomach bug keep me away.  You can enjoy just the visuals of our dinner selection or click any of the pictures to find out more details on flickr.

However to fully understand the experience, I have linked to an excellent YouTube video that explains the wonders of The Bazaar.

Good…wasn’t it? 🙂

Thread Count

Inspired by all the talk of thread over on Sew Mama Sew, I decided it was high time for me to catalog my thread.

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while because I am a stickler for thread color matching for projects,  I hate purchasing duplicate thread colors when it can be avoided, and would like to take advantage of the 50% off thread sales that happen at JoAnn’s now and again without the fear of coming home to find 3 spools of 2900 Maroon already waiting for me.

So I printed out the Coats and Clark Master Color Chart and the Color Conversion Chart, since their numbering scheme changed, and proceeded to adhere snippets of the thread colors I have to the master color chart.

I then slipped in into plastic sleeves that I can write on with a dry erase or wet erase marker to keep track of what colors I need and if I have duplicates somewhere.  I can also bring to JoAnn’s when the 50% sale happens, just in case I want to restock or expand my thread collection.

In other sewing news, I have quite a few almost finished projects.  My kingdom for a hemmer and someone else to do it for me 🙂

I also decided that I am not very good with creating wardrobes in the RTW or the DIY world but I think I might be able to pull off Themes…LOL!!! Hmmm…what should I call this theme?  Maybe I should call it the Manimal Collection because there sure are a lot of animal prints going on in there :grin:!

My Baby Came Today!

A day EARLY!!!! She is 4.8 oz, 4.5 inches.  I was absolutely amazed that FEDEX the stork would leave her at my doorstep unattended :shock:.  But she is safe now and I have 5 minutes to wait before I wake her from  initial charge her nap.  I am still thinking of baby names but I am so happy to have my new addition to the family.

The Trench Sew Along

I am not very good with “Along” participation.  Be it sewing or knitting, I am either before or way after but very rarely “Along”.  However, since the timeline on this one is pretty lax and the commitment level isn’t nearly as militant as some alongs  I thought I would give an this one a try.

  • Trench Sew Along Schedule

    May 24 — June 24: Pick out pattern, trench coat research, fabric/notions gathering
    June 25 — August 25: Work on trench coat, commiserate, learn and don’t give up
    August 26 or whenever you finish: Wear trench coat bursting with pride and maybe a little disbelief at how awesome it is

My Trench Sew Along pick it The Tikva Trench from BurdaStyle.

I have some gorgeous medium weight stretch satin fabric that will look perfect with this.  I also want to get a fabulously colorful lining for the peekaboo effect.  Given I should probably be making a more practical trench but this one has been on my list since it first came out.  So Step 1 done.  However, since I am a procrastinator extraordinaire with a two month window to work with  don’t expect to hear much about step two for a little while to come 😀