Crochet Double Takes

Right before I left the last time, I showed you a shot of my crocheted greenway blanket.  Here it is again…not much further along than before

IMHO, this little amount of crochet progress is hardly worthy of a blog post by itself.  However, I was looking through a catalog the other day and spotted my blanket!

The imposter is on the right and the greenway blanket is on the left.  Ok, it is not exactly MY blanket but my blanket’s doppelganger!  The one at Garnet hill is 50×70 and costs $198.00.  Based on the work I have put in so far I think that is far too low a price 🙂  But the Garnet Hill website will be a great place to send people when they ask me if I will make them one! LOL!

I also think I will make the wider boarder on my blankie.

While there I also spotted this crocheted hexagon blanket for $398

Now that pricing is more like it!  Thank goodness I can crochet 🙂