It only took 6 years

First off, thank you for all the wonderful compliments on my sewing room! I have been gone so long I was genuinely surprised to see it was still on so many peoples blog roll and now swept away with the annual “I have too many blogs to read” cleanup. 

So after writing my last blog post I went on vacation to Oakland where it was foggy and chilly. It was actually good weather for the Bay but it got my fall sewing juices flowing. Given, when I got back to So Cal I was snapped back to reality as soon as I stepped off the plane but the desire to sew fall attire stuck with me.

Enter Burda 08-2007-111 Trench Cape


I have loved this cape for the past 6 years and it is finally coming to life. The tracing has been slow as I am trying some new techniques. I am doing my pattern alterations using the method I learned at ETAC and referencing Fitting and Pattern Alterations.  I am also shrinking seam allowances using Sewing Secrets from the Fashion Industry that has a great visual reference for what seam allowances should be.  I highly recommend Sewing Secrets if you are a visual learner.  It makes me excited every time I open the book.  


Since I plan to make a muslin I am less fearful in branching out and hopefully improving my skills.  In fact, that is the reason I have gone back to making muslins.  Well that and the frustration of things not fitting.  This week I will have the pattern traced, the muslin cut, and start the trial sewing. At least that is the plan anyway.



8 thoughts on “It only took 6 years

  1. I think I started sewing in 09 but I went back and found that issue on ebay! Of course I haven’t made anything from it but I sleep peaceful at night knowing I have it. Can’t wait to see yours.

    • Excellent choice! I think 2007 was one of the best years for Burda. Every time I look through a magazine from that year I find 10 or more pieces I want to make. I miss those days. Now Burda is a little to blah for my tastes.

      On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 12:37 PM, Peacock Chic

  2. I’ve loved that cape since the beginning too, still haven’t made it! I have just made a dress from 2007 though – isn’t it lovely going back and tracing patterns when Burda had more pattern sheets and less lines!

    • Indeed I am but it has definitely taken a back seat to sewing. Only so much time in the day. I just cast on for the Chuck cropped sweater though. So far I am enjoying it.

      How is your knitting world doing?


  3. If Shawnta hadn`t mentioned you I would have completely missed your comeback! I am so happy to read you again, you can’t even begin to imagine it! And I keep all my Burdas preciously. I only have 2 nephews for now but I am already thinking of my will, LOL!

  4. I’ve loved this cape for 6 years too, I remember thinking at the time that capes were going to be a flash in the pan fashion thing and disappear by 2008. How wrong was I!?

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