Hello Again…Welcome to My New Happy Place

I have been away for a long time folks.  So long it took me a while to figure out how to navigate WordPress and take decent pictures.  My pseudo modelling skills have gone down the drain so dress form pictures may be the way to go until I get a rhythm going.

I have lots of excuses for being away.  Some have gone away with time and other required some realizations on my part.  One big “Ah ha” moment for me was the realization that I hated my craft room.  I know! Blasphemy! But somewhere along the lines I set up my room and just started to loathe the configuration and ultimately began avoiding it.

So about a month ago I decided to do a craft room makeover to get my fung shui/mojo back (sorry for no before pictures but I was a woman on a mission!).  It’s still not quite “done” but I truly feel like this has become my happy place.

Therefore, without further ado, I welcome you to the Peacockchic Craft Room!


This is the view from the entrance. Makes me happy just looking at it!


First issue: I had one table for both sewing and cutting that was too short.  Remedy: I bought a new sewing table with adjustable height and bought a new, larger folding table to act as my sewing/work table for sit down projects.  I covered it in chevron contact paper to give it some pizzazz!

Second issue: I needed more color and polish to the room.  Remedy: I made a pelmet box using a combination of a Goodwill curtain and the awesome diy tutorials on the internet. I also bought this cool indoor/outdoor rug from Urban Outfitters to break up the open space


Here you can see the view standing near the window.  I still feel the wall above my folding sewing table needs work, but for now I feel it will suffice


Here is my new cutting table.  It looks a lot like the JoAnn’s adjustable cutting table but it is actually one I bought through Nancy’s Notions.  It is more expensive but based on reviews I felt it would be a more sturdy table and the two level of shelves was really nice too.  I keep some of my rulers, my Conair fabric steampress ($15.00 at Goodwill. Score!) and my new table size pressing pad, also made using the numerous diy internet tutorials, underneath. Thanks Internet!

Photo Jul 28, 7 40 42 PM


Here is the alternate view of my setup with the cutting table in the middle and my pressing/cutting station at the ready.  I absolutely love folding furniture and it is even better when it is on wheels!!  Gives each room so much more flexibility!

Photo Jul 28, 7 42 10 PM


I really like my Orange Reliable steam iron.  It was one of Oprah’s favorite things and even though I doubt she does any ironing for herself this iron is pretty darn good

Photo Jul 28, 8 15 02 PM

One of the two bookshelves lined with sewing books and Burda/Patrones/Knipmode/Ottobre magazines and my inspiration board

Photo Jul 28, 8 38 14 PM


In the closet is my fabric stash. It occupies the WHOLE CLOSET safely tucked away in large plastic bins.  I would show you,but then I would have to kill you sew more from the shame and guilt.

Photo Jul 28, 9 04 48 PM


And finally is my collage of details.  My knickknack area, the photo ledge with my Tim Gunn bobblehead, washi tape and pretty thread, my sewing basket with more essentials and my hardware sorting bin with all my sewing feet, inspiration from by board, my other bookshelf full of Burda, my new beautiful Elna (saving that for another post), my photo frame that scrolls through all my fashion inspiration photos from Pinterest, and my beautiful thread rack.

After this fairly extensive craft room makeover I LOVE my space.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It has inspired me to want to be in there everyday.  Lately I have been making muslins so no pretty pictures to share but to me sewing is sewing and I am happy to have a bit of mojo after all these years.

If you are inspired to make some craft room/ creative space changes I would highly recommend these two resources:

Thanks for stopping by! Talk to you soon!



13 thoughts on “Hello Again…Welcome to My New Happy Place

  1. Love the new space! I have total craft space envy right now! I don’t have a space to call my own since having children and I long for it daily. Enjoy it and sew/create with gusto!

  2. I am in awe and admiration. I’ve finally decided to straighten up my craft room as well so that I can sew again and seeing yours is encouraging me to get it done. It looks fabulous!

  3. Welcome back to the blogsphere, and that is a lovely workspace. I envy the amount of room you have. I’m stuck with using my dining table to cut out fabric.

  4. Wow, you don’t just have a craftroom, you have a beauriful studio. Very lively and inspiring. Can’t wait to see what craft come from your new room and glad that you are back.

  5. New follower here. Your new space is beautiful! Muslins are such workhorses, it’s too bad they don’t make the best blog content.

  6. It is a pretty room! After redoing mine in early July, I’m intrigued by what others need to make a room comfortable to sew and craft in. I hope you make many wonderful garments here. It truly looks like a warm and inviting place!

  7. Oh my gosh! this is the BEST sewing room EVA! I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. Then I was excited to see that you’re sewing Burda patterns. I bought my first Burda magazine and was floored at the tracing I have to do. Well, you have a new follower!

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