2012 and New Beginnings

So guess what one of my goals for 2012 is…Yup…Blog more.  LOL!  That one definitely won’t be hard are I have been pretty non existent here in the blogging world.  Most people have moved on to other social networking platforms but I can’t even use that as an excuse since my Flickr account is locked for some reason that Yahoo nor Flickr can resolve and I am anti Facebook and Twitter so all I choose to have is this here blog so let’s make the most of it shall we.

Goals for 2012

I am making some of my goals for 2012 specifically broad.  I find that I tend to get down on myself for not accomplishing certain things and forgetting to acknowledge all the other things I did instead.  So here is goes:

1. Journal/Blog More – By journal I mean either this blog site or my personal one.  I miss telling someone about the mundane accomplishments throughout the year even if it is only my future self.   As far as blogging goes, sadly I only need to blog 8 more times to beat out 2011…LOL.

The Plan

        • blog once a week
        • track my accomplishments weekly
        • buy a new journal for 2012

2. Exercise more – This is a big one for me as I have become even more sedentary that my normal sloth of a self.  I have started a new “alternative” exercise which I enjoy a lot.  I also have Zumba and Yoga at work so between all that I should be able to improve in this area

The Plan

        • Exercise 4 times a week

3. Lose 35 LBS by June and Maintain throughout the year – That is a 1.5 LBS per week goal on average.  That is pretty aggressive in my mind but I might as well shoot for the stars.  June is that date because I have lots of family get togethers and a trip to Spain planned.

The Plan – Exercise 4 times a week

        • Participate in the Biggest Loser contest at my job and win the $200+ dollar cash prize
        • Track my weight each week to measure progress
        • Track my food intake

4. Cook More – Seems counter to goal number 3 but after brushing up on some weight loss reading it always comes back to modified eating to maintain weight loss.  I sometimes forget this when I am scarfing down chips late at night to get my salt fix.  I have done a great job with this so far (i.e. day one) as my freezer is filled with homemade weight watchers or healthy eating recipes.  Yay me!

The Plan

        • Grocery shop on Fridays only
        • Plan the menu for the upcoming week by Friday morning
        • Cook one new meal a week on the weekend.
        • Cook Freezer friendly meals

5. Find More Time – I am single without kids and I still find myself without enough time.  I have equated this lack of time to lack of planning.  Therefore, I plan to try and get a routine started that will help me optimize on my free time per day.

The Plan

        • Work the daily chores list for 1 hour per day
        • Relax on the weekend
        • Cut down on my internet time suck “inspiration” time

6. Craft More – Since work has been taking over my life I have not done much of anything in 2011 hence the lack of blogging.  But I do plan to step it up in 2011.  I don’t have any grandiose plans in this area but I do plan to do more than the one shirt and one skirt I accomplished in 2011.

The Plan

        • Make Pants dammit!!
        • Make 12 items in 2012
        • Take up a photography challenge

7. Finish Decorating my apartment by Spring – Oh yeah in 2011 I moved to the apartment of my dreams!!!  Now I just need to decorate it.

The Plan

        • Find a kitchen table
        • Buy a new bed and headboard
        • Buy new window treatments for bedroom,living room, and dining room
        • Hang art

8. Host a party in my new apartment – Because I need to celebrate number 7 and because I always say I am going to do this.

The Plan

        • Try recipes for the party
        • Just Do it.

9. Work Smarter, not harder in 2012 – I have a lot on my plate for 2012 and it doesn’t look like it is going to ease up anytime soon so I need to figure out how to balance things better and get more done faster.  Easier said than done and I don’t really have a clear plan for this one.

The Plan

        • Figure out how to work an 8 hour day
        • The rest is TBD

10. Improve Myself –  This one is very broad but something I feel I need to do.  One major portion of this is health wise.  My top five goals already address a portion of this but there is so much more to self improvement.

The Plan

        • Make major health appointments for the year by Feb 2012
        • Learn how to handle my emotions better

11. Spend more time with people – I am a loner at heart.  Content to stay inside my house all weekend in dead silence.  However, I also enjoy the company of people and need to spend more time engaging with others as it is mentally healthy if you choose the right people.

The Plan

        • Date…this is self explanatory
        • Spend more quality time with my family, especially my mother and stepdad

12.  Manage my money better – This one is always on the list and will remain for 2012.  I am not horrible at it but I do go through periods of blind spending that need to be reigned in a little bit more.

The Plan

        • Track spending for 2012

PHEW!!! Those are some BIG plans for 2012 but I think I am up to it.  Guess we will know come 2013 🙂


10 thoughts on “2012 and New Beginnings

  1. what great goals you’ve set yourself. I could do with applying a few of those to myself as well! All the best – it already sounds like you’re in a positive frame of mind about 2012, so I’m sure you’ll do well.

  2. Like Lynn, I’m giving myself permission to actively join, encourage and support you since all of your goals mirror mine … down to the anti-twitter and facebook and being single and childless being able to spend my entire weekend in my apt in dead silence.

    Cheers to 2012!!!!

  3. I can help you in the spending time with people area! Let’s plan on at least a once a month “date.” You know, aside from Zumba.

  4. so glad to hear you’re still out there! i came back and visited a good few times over the year and was sad not to see an update – wondered if you were ok. yours was one of the first crafty blogs i really found interesting. wishing you well with your resolutions. hmmm… must do a few myself….

  5. Please come back to blogging! You are so interesting, and write in a way that’s fun to read, like a letter from a dear friend.

    I started out being inspired by blogs like yours, and I need to get off FB, update my LJ more and get cracking on wordpress. 🙂

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