Audience Participation

As Ms. Tee Sims stated, I am such a a cyber-tease.  And she is right…hahahaha.

But I do hate the let down of a really good trailer coupled with a bad movie after building up the audience’s expectation.  So my two topics are my hair experience as of late and the flash photography workshop I did this weekend.

Since both posts will be fairly lengthy, I need to chose which one to finish first so I am putting it to my blog reader audience to decide.

Would you like to hear about my hair or my flash photography workshop first?

and if you don’t care about either you can sit back and ride the blogging wave.

First person to respond will dictate the order of blogging.




9 thoughts on “Audience Participation

  1. Hi! I’m new to your blog and blogging period. I can see I’m a little late on the voting. I really want to hear the hair story. I gather from some of the pics I have seen – you are natural? Well so am I and I’m sure it will be interesting.

  2. In case you chenge your mind about the hair, I’ll throw in a belated vote too.
    You know, for this kind of totally unimportant decision, you can always toss a coin :-). And then, nobody’s watching, if you don’t like the result you can do the opposite, comforted in the thought that you really prefered that after all..

  3. I want to hear both – but you changed your hair!? You are amazing. Everytime you change your hair you seem to transform youself, but the best part of you remains – your beautiful smile and yor great laugh! Welcome back to the blogging world!

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