FO2010: Simplicity 3503 + McCalls 6070

OMG.  I just realized that I only posted two FOs last year.  Guess the first part of 2011 may be a recap afterall…LOL!!  Maybe by mid 2011 I could actually do a retrospective.  Don’t count on it though.  Onward and Upward for 2011.

Pattern: Simplicity 3503 + McCalls 6070

Pattern Description: Knit dress with choice of bodice (surplice or V neck), backs (full coverage or halter), and skirt length.

Pattern Sizing: 6-22. I cut a size 18

Fabric Used: ITY knit maybe??  I can never tell.  It is nice and slippery so it doesn’t cling at all

Notions Used: Elastic for shoulder gathering

Pattern Alterations: Combined the two patterns ala Amanda at Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing

The Good:

  • I made both of these dresses in about 1-2 nights and that is amazing for my speed of sewing.  The black version was for a wedding and is slightly below the knee and the peacock print was a maxi dress I made the day before Thanksgiving.
  • I love how the two patterns flowed together so easily

  • I also like that the girls were sufficiently covered using the top portion from McCalls 6070

  • I actually used this pattern more than once!! There are very few patterns that get that honor
  • I used up some of my prized peacock print knit.  I had been mulling over the pattern for too long and just decided to cut.  Thank goodness I was greedy smart enough to buy about 4.5 yards because I have more to play with 🙂

The Bad:

  • For the black one I was in a such a hurry that I flipped the midriff band, but no one can tell except me 😀

  • The weight of the long skirt on the peacock maxi dress kinda pulls the dress down more than I would like.  Feels a little droopy because of the material selection.  But the feeling, if not the actual affect, goes away as I continue to wear it and I doubt anyone is really paying attention to that either except me.

The Ugly:

  • That I have missed you guys and was too lazy to blog.  Good thing we are close like that and I can disappear for a while but we pick right back up again like no time has passed 🙂 .  Hope 2011 keeps me on track.

13 thoughts on “FO2010: Simplicity 3503 + McCalls 6070

  1. Both dresses look great. That peacock print is just divine – well worth using! And hey, I can’t see any bad in either dress! It’s great to see you back blogging – you have been missed.

  2. The dresses look great! I’m a little confused as to why you merged two patterns. What was unique about the patterns that caused you to do that? To my untrained eye, it appears you made the McCall’s pattern unaltered.

    • Hi ladybean73,

      I merged the two patterns because the simplicity pattern had a plunging neckline that looked like it might reach my navel. Nice for the va va va voom look, but not so much for daily livin’. So I used the top from McCall’s

      The McCall’s pattern looks like it has lots of gathering and material going around the middle portion as the skirt piece is cut like a rectangle instead of tapering at the top. I thought, as many have, the less gathering around my middle the better. So I used the bottom from Simplicity.

      Hope that helps to clarify.

      Thanks for asking the question. I am a little off my game with clear explanations about reviews so the more Q&A the merrier.

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