2011 = Balance and Focus

BALANCE and FOCUS are the key words for 2011 and finding them will be my goal for 2011.  Between sewing, knitting, cooking, exercising, working, blogging, and living I need to find a way to do and enjoy each of these activities without feeling stressed about about what I am NOT doing.  “Living in the moment” if you will.

So I probably will not do a 2010 retrospective because I haven’t been here all that often so there are a lot of things I did in 2010 that you have no idea I did.  I will get to telling you about them, but for now I am moving forward and relieving some of the stress of the past.

In regard to goals, I have lots but I am taking them one at a time.  First goal is to get on a sleep schedule.  I have been waking and going to bed at ridiculous hours and I think it makes it hard to follow through with things because my energy levels are so low.  So sleeping and waking are what I am concentrating on for now.

I do have my 101 in 1001 which ends in June 2011 and I have quite a few that are not done so I have that if I feel I need something to focus on.

So hears to a more BALANCED and FOCUSED 2011.

One thought on “2011 = Balance and Focus

  1. Meanwhile, I’m just here hoping you’re sewing and that you’ll post something. I was looking at the vogue dress again and showing someone how perfectly you matched the color of the midriff to the fabric. I’m sooo envious! Colorblocking is almost impossible in this country, hélas!

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