While I was Away…

… I got a library card.

I have subsequently paid the library $60.00 in overdue fines.

I have stopped using my library card.

Is it their fault?  of course not! but I am still smarting over my sheer irresponsibility my sizable donation and now remember why I stopped going to the library in the first place.

10 thoughts on “While I was Away…

  1. I can’t live without the library, I need to read a whole lot more than $60/month :-). There are some methods which help a lot. Physically it helps me a lot to have the established ‘library shelf’. It’s near the front door, everything but the one book in my commuting bag is piled up there unless I’m actually reading it. The stuff that’s read and ready to go is piled up together. Then when I rush out I know I can grab it all and not miss something essential.

    Most likely now you can login to your account remotely – set that up at the library if necessary. Then figure out which day of the week you’re mostly likely to go there (the night they may be open later, the day you’re usually in the neighborhood, the weekend?) and establish a habit of checking your account the night before. That allows you to do any renewals necessary without schlepping the book, figure out which won’t go through (sometimes idiots want your books :-)! ) and which you absolutely need to return now. If you keep in mind that fines almost never start acrueing till you’re a week late, this weekly schedule of checking not only helps you stay on top of things but basically eliminates fines. It works even better if you mostly go to the library on the same day, then you’re pretty much in synch with everything.

    Don’t give up…

  2. I had to quite my library too. I couldn’t afford my overdue fees. What’s really sad is that I drive by the library every day on my way to work.

  3. I’ve got overdue fines to pay at the moment too – so I’m using my husband’s card at the moment!
    I usually keep the printout they issue you with and pin it to my noteboard, and try and renew online, but it doesn’t always work!

  4. DCPL, for all its failings, started offering a service completely counter to their interests a couple years ago–they email me a few days before my books are due. I can renew online, and I always have a few days’ warning when it’s time to turn them in. I haven’t paid an overdue fine since.

  5. When I compare the overdue fees at my library to the cost of actually purchasing the books, magazines and videos I check out, the library is still a bargain. And I know that with the overdue fees I’m paying the library has funds to buy cool new resources. A win-win!

  6. I just stumbled on your blog and felt the need to extend my sympathies. I too am a librarians nightmare and have paid upwards of $200 in the course of my life. As if that’s not bad enough, I still owe a bit of money and now I just use my 7 year old’s card.

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