“New to Me” Blogs

With 300+ blogs on my Google Reader I thought I had all the good ones under surveillance.  But I guess that would be the equivalent of believing you could sail to the end of the world.  Little do you know you are just going in an endless loop discovering new things along the way.  Well, I thought I would share with you my “New To Me” blog discoveries.  Have Fun!

  • Pattern Scissors Cloth –  Don’t know how I found here but she has great section in her sidebar called “Sewing ~ Tricks of the Trade”
  • Petite Republic – I believe she is a newish blogger that was recognized for her awesome sewing via Burdastyle.
  • Sown Brooklyn – This blog find was funny because I follow nettie on flickr and just happened to stumble on her blog via random linkage.
  • The Cupcake Goddess – Once again I don’t remember how I found her blog but the buttonholes here and the dress here certainly kept me coming back for more.
  • Jazz Couture – Since I am a huge international pattern magazine fan, Jazz Couture is right up my alley with creations from Burda and La Mia Boutique.
  • Catherine Daze’s Blog –  This is the newest addition to my blog roll.  She has some great outfits but I absolutely LOVE this one.  Simple and yet perfect.

7 thoughts on ““New to Me” Blogs

  1. Thanks for the link love!! You have a lot of followers here. My stats for that day were off the chart compared to the weeks before, lol!

    I also have to thank you for your Burda Mag archives over at Flickr, invaluable!!

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