Finished Object: BWOF 01-2008-108

So here is my first FO of 2010!! It only took 2 years!! 🙂

Ah well, it has marked my on and off return to the sewing room so it deserves some kudos (instead of the stink eye) despite the ridiculous lag in completion time.

Pattern: BWOF 01-2008-108 Shirt

Pattern Description: Parisian chic presents a short, shaped blouse with a bib insert, tie- collar and puff sleeves! Team it with a beret, pencil skirt and ultra-long gloves for a trendy look.

Pattern Sizing: Burda sizes 34-42.  Increased to a 46 and again in hips to a 50.

Fabric Used: White on white striped stretch cotton shirting

Notions Used: 1/2″ Buttons

Pattern Alterations: Increased to a 46 and again in hips to a 50. Petite adjustments. 1/2″ swayback adjustment.  Increased sleeve band length

The Good:

  • I love the results of my swayback adjustment!  This is my number one favorite feature of this FO.  I have to say it really did make the difference. Although I didn’t know it at the time, my swayback adjustment is exactly like the one done my The Slapdash Sewist so you can look there if you want to know which one of the many variants I used for this adjustment.
  • The fact that this is my first white shirt and I actually feel like I will wear it.   I normally don’t wear white because it is such dirt prone color.  I mean is shows EVERYTHING.  This shirt is no exception, but I feel I will wear it because I made it.  One of the psychotic perks of sewing.
  • That it is finally finished!! I believe I cut and began stitching this top back in 2008 for a PR wardrobe contest that I never finished.  After getting stuck on the button band with little to know time left to finish up, I had to throw in the towel on the contest which resigned this garment to two years in sewing purgatory.

  • I love perfectly done topstitching and this garment pretty much has it.  I credit my patience and an adjustable blind hem foot.
  • Thankfully I measured my bicep circumference before making the sleeve band. With my upsizing of the pattern, the total length of the sleeve band would have been 15 and I increased mine to 16.5 based on my measurements.

The Bad

  • Because of the stretch in the fabric the bust point has some little wrinkles that make me sad.  But knowing all the work that went into all the topstitching and such I got over it quick

The Ugly

  • Ok, so after reading the Burda direction two years later I was finally able to comprehend what the hell they were talking about in making the buttonband.  It was not that it was particularly hard, it was that is just didn’t seem to match up as I thought it should.  Later I found that although they state “no allowance at lengthwise edge of front band”  they did not mean eliminate BOTH seam allowances just the one that attaches to the shirt….at least I THINK that is what they meant.  Guess I will find out next time I make this top.

Overall, I really like this shirt and will make it again.  Next time I will probably use a different sleeve finish as a girl only needs so many puff sleeve blouses.


18 thoughts on “Finished Object: BWOF 01-2008-108

  1. It looks great! I have UFO’s older than that, so 2 years is no big deal. Anyway, it’s fantastic. I love the bib, the back, and the puff sleeves (but I disagree with you–a girl cannot have too many puff sleeve tops, LOL!)

  2. Beautiful blouse! I just cut this out over the weekend. I’ve been avoiding it because of the button band myself. Hmmm, have to check and see what I did with the band cutting out. Because, I think I cut it without a seam allowance too!

  3. Really cute. You can never have enough staples like white shirts in your wardrobe. Just be sure to carry a Tide stain stick or some Shout wipes with you at all times 🙂 Two posts in as many days….are you going to go into hibernation again? Hopefully you are just getting warmed up.

  4. I’m sooo happy to see you online again! And I have just that same blouse as a UFO…at least I think I still have it.

    Yours looks great but I have the same problem as you do: white-fabric-phobia. It’s conceptually great but the reality is sooo messy!

  5. my initial thoughts were, “wow, the fit is great” then I read about the swap back and such, you did such a great job, the curved seams looks flawless and you wear it with such pride.

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