Pappardelle with Spiced Butter

With Pappardelle Noodles in the cabinet and a plethora of spices waiting to be used for a second time, 101 cookbooks recipe for pappardelle with spiced butter was calling my name. Well, nearly all of 101 cookbooks recipes call shout DEMAND to be made but I had the ingredients readily available for this one.  101 cookbooks is like finding the food or movie critic that you always agree with.  You know you can trust their taste even if you have you doubts or reservations.

This recipe was yet another win.  Super easy to make and uber delicious.  I love that this recipe used so many of the spices that I bought over time for particular recipes and have used very little of since – ground ginger, ground coriander, turmeric. Pine nuts are included, which I love, and think are essential for that yummy nutty flavor so don’t skimp.  Speaking of skimping, don’t skimp on the salt for the pasta either as I mistakenly did.  I think this recipe is great for an impromptu company visit as you all ingredients are easily stored or have frozen options readily available.


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