Saturday Morning Breakfast

Inspired by recipes here and here I made Baked Eggs for breakfast today

My version was a bit Jguyver-ish in that I did not have what the recipe called for or the proper baking vessels.  But in true Jguyver style I made do.

My baked eggs consisted of a multigrain sandwich thin (instead of bread bowl), two eggs, 2 strips of bacon, dollop of fat free milk (substitute for cream), frozen trader joe’s asparagus (substitute veggie for spinach and tomato), scallions, truffle salt, pepper, herbes de provence, Parmesan asiago cheese, topped with a little tarragon.  All this was baked in a mini loaf pan (substitute for ramekins or bread bowl).

I baked the entire concoction for 20 minutes @350F.

For my first try it was good, but because of the pan I should have had a much shorter cook time to just cook the whites and leave the yolks creamy and runny – between 10-15 minutes.

Needless to say,  I ate it all and it was good.


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