Ok Peeps, I know I owe you all a few FO posts but I have decided to go with whatever feeling hits me at the moment and ride the wave.  At the moment it is all about starting project and leaving the nasty bits (hems, slip stitches, fixing problem area) for another time.  However, the pics for the FO are taken so it should only be a matter of time before the tide turns back to blogging.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some new decisions and points of indecision.

Recently I had a bit of good financial luck and decided to spend it quite willy nilly instead of my normal financial rededication.    My very easy decision was buying a new camera bag.  I had originally had my heart set on a Lola bag, but since they were out of stock I broadened my search and found Kelly Moore bags.  I can’t say I was in love with their original design, but when I saw the B-Hobo in YELLOW I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Isn’t she gorgeous?!  And I found a $25 coupon code so I also saved a bit of moolah.  Sadly she will not be shipped until mid June, but I am sure she will be worth the wait

Now my point of indecision is because I have also decided to add a news lens to the lineup.  I am currently contemplating a 28mm, F2.8 (EF-S = 44mm) or a 35mm, F2.0 (EF-S = 56mm).


I absolutely love my $99 dollar 50mm (EF-S = 80mm) but I just needed something a little more wide but equally sharp and able to take close-up pictures in low light.  I plan to try them both out this week and make my next splurge purchase but also wanted to find out if any of you had used either type and if you had a preference.  Either way I will share my finding with you once I have them both in hand.

Lastly, I plan on going to Napa with my BFF because I got a kickass deal on airline fares from Jet Blue.  Cost me $40.00 bucks for a roundtrip flight…WooHoo!!  We plan on eating at AdHoc by Thomas Keller so it should be a gastronomic splurge.

So anyhoo, I will get back to you on the sewing FO’s :smile:.  I hope you can bear with my new hedonistic attitude.


8 thoughts on “Indulgences

  1. Congrats on the good financial luck! I *love* the camera bag — I thought it was a handbag until I read the text.
    I have the 50mm too but hope to upgrade in the future, so I’m definitely interested in your findings. Happy testing!

  2. Where have you been? I so miss reading your blog. Did you ever receive your Kelly Moore bag? Post a pic of you modeling it. Take care. Veda

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