Check Out My New Ride

Look what followed me home yesterday from Big 5! Today I took them for a whirl and learned quite a few things about myself.
1. I am getting to that age where the fear of breaking things is pretty high.

2. Skating is NOT like riding a bike. It take much longer to get back in the swing of things.

3. Skating IS like getting back on the horse. You are scared, falling is highly probable, and you have to commit to the challenge by going full speed ahead.

4. Skating slow is like cutting with a dull knife. Although it may seem safer, you are much more likely to hurt yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one…same with skating speed.

After only 30 minutes my butt burned and I was pooped. Can’t wait to do it again next weekend!


11 thoughts on “Check Out My New Ride

  1. Love the look of the photos! 🙂 Me – I never learned a crucial part to skating … stopping. 😉 You need some freshly knitted legwarmers now to complete the look! 😀

  2. Where did you skate? I went down to the path on the beach a few years ago and of course wiped out right away. I need to skate tho!

  3. LOL! We are separated at birth! I love me some old school roller skating! Not inline skate stuff – I’ve never tried that..but real roller skating. I knew I hit the big leagues when I got white skates for Christmas one year AND I got gigantic puffy fluffy pom-poms (pink & purple) to attach to my skates. When I learned to skate backwards without giving it a second thought – the world was my oyster baby!
    Thanks for such a fun post. I’m so going to scour Ebay now for skates! Next time you’re in South Carolina – bring your skates & call me!


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