Two Years in the Making

People it has been two years since I have been so euphoric upon leaving my job ending a days work. I want to jump out of my skin I am so happy. Given the day started out pretty sketchy but in the end I can go home knowing I did my best and know that my mind is now free to enjoy my personal exploits. I am memorializing this day hoping for it to serve as a reminder that no matter how bad it gets and no matter how long it lasts “this too shall pass” and you will have wonderful days like this to look forward to.

Update: Sorry folks for the cryptic post.  I DID NOT quit my job.  I really like my job, my company, and the people I work with.  It has just been a constantly stressful two years.  Not unbearable stress, but enough stress to were it became a day to day routine occurrence and I just got used to it. Imagine if you were subjected to a low hum for hours or days and then it suddenly went away.  You could bear it but when it is over it is like a HUGE weight is lifted and you can’t help but feel soooo much better.  Today I just felt like I did two years ago where I could leave the doors of my job after 8 hours of work and not spend the next 8 thinking about the next day of work.  Thanks for all your concern.   Sometimes I forget others actually read my blog, not my mind or my intentions 🙂


5 thoughts on “Two Years in the Making

  1. Wait what? 2 years ago you quit your job or it took you 2 years to decide to quit your job? I’m confused. Either way – I’m totally jealous!

  2. wow, you did something so many people only dream of doing!! And you’re right, whatever sticky or difficult times are going on, this too shall pass.

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