Happy 5th Blogoversary!!

Yes, for 5 years I have been blogging…or at least I have owned a blog…LOL :grin:!  This special day was brought to my attention by Teena and I was surprised by the fact that she knew and shocked to find that indeed it WAS my blogoversary!  So in celebration I think I will resolve to:

  • craft more
  • sew more
  • knit more
  • cook more
  • photograph more


In honor of my new resolutions here is a picture of my newly deflowered sewing room:

Yes, it has taken nearly a month for me to finally get in there, but I DID and it was good!  I have started on a old BWOF work in progress.  I thought it was funny how scared I was of going back, as if I might of forgotten how to sew after so long of a hiatus.  But now I am so excited about getting back on the bandwagon.  Hopefully my new enthusiasm will propel me to new FO heights.


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