It’s Been A While…

…at least that is what it feel like to me. So much has happened over the 2 months since I last posted I am almost at a loss for words. However, since I just love telling you all about all my endeavors I felt as though it was high time that I mustered the words to tell you about my 60+ days of adventures. So here is the snapshot

I learned how to crochet – I took a class a the new and improve Yarn Lady and finally feel as thought I have mastered the techniques enough to say that I am an official hooker 🙂 The teacher was rather surprised at how much I already knew so I spent the most of the class getting lots of practice with the stitches.  I have started and am slowly making progress on some Mary Jane House Slippas!  I am loving my color combo.

The major even of the past 30 days has been my move to the LBC. I know that there has been much pomp and circumstance surrounding this major life event for me and I think that is what contributed to my knee jerk decision and eventual buyers remorse syndrome. As many who have listened to me over the last few weeks my love of my apartment is pretty low. But as resignation sets in I have begun to look at the bright side of things. Such as I only pay 90 dollars more for another bedroom, bathroom, and cable. I also have very nice if not young and noisy neighbors. I am also loving my neighborhood.  I have already retrieved my bike and will use that as my main mode oyf transportation on the weekends and explore my hood a little better as the weather warms.

One big plus to the move is MY NEW CRAFT ROOM!!! heeHEEEE!! A whole room for my activities.   I haven’t yet got to use it but visually it is coming along nicely.  I hope to show you all soon.  Another plus is that the cats  have their own bathroom which makes for easier litter box maintenance.

So I have lots to tell you but I figure I have to get started somewhere so consider this my reintro to blogging. Talk to you all soon.


10 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…

  1. A new craft room! I dream of the day when I’ll have a whole craft room of my own. Until then, its the living room and half the dining room table! Hope your move turns out for the best 🙂

  2. Congratulations!! I’m sure you’ll see a large increase in craft productivity from the new room, as soon as you recover from the moving exhaustion :-). Hang in there.

  3. Good to see you back. Glad you’re seeing the positives in the move. A craft room is *huge*–can’t wait to see more. And I’m jealous that you learned crochet. I keep meaning to, but i just haven’t

  4. Wow – nice to have you blogging again! I was getting worried!

    Ugh, 20 or so years ago I got myself into a year long lease in an apartment I hated the second I walked in (I had only checked out the model unit). I had loud neighbors, crummy view, cold floors, etc. I couldn’t cry enough from the remorse the first few weeks.

    I ended painting the place (didn’t ask either – just did it – they never noticed anyways) & figured I would suck it up until my lease was up. I tried for a few weeks to get them to let me out of that lease too to no avail. It felt like the worst mistake ever. I figured it would be a year of miserable & “learning my lesson”.

    Eventually I came to like that place. A lot. So much so that 10 years (yes 10 years) later I finally moved out bought my first home. Had someone told me that first month that moved into that apartment that I would be there 10 years later…I probably would have keeled over in pain & despair! But turned out to be the neatest little place!

  5. I’ve been wondering how the move went! I’m sorry to hear that your new place isn’t completely perfect, but YAY for the new craft room!!! Glad to see you back to your blog.

  6. Good luck in the new place. Like Jane, I had a very bad experience, depression even after moving into my current home. Five years later I do love it. Over time I’ve found little things to appreciate – fabulous neighbors, great bones and detailing (It’s a 1950s mass-produced cape, and they don’t often come with built-in charm), good layout and flow, and a bright, sunny living room. The things I didn’t like are gone, painted over or don’t seem so important anymore.

    You will find the charm in your new place too, starting with that fabulous craft room! I shiver to think of all the amazing creations that will come out of it!

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