And So it Begins…2010

This is the way the 2010 begins
This is the way the 2010 begins
This is the way the 2010 begins
Not with a bang but a whisper.

-adapted from TS Elliot

That is exactly how I have felt with the coming of 201o. It is just snuck up on me and silently, quietly, peacefully transitioned me from yesteryear to a new decade.  Unlike last year I spent my New Year’s Eve quietly at home celebrating East Cost style with a personal toast at 9 p.m.  Although I can’t say I am going into 2010 with lots of gusto I am trying to go in with commitments to myself.  It is nice to know that 2010 is already looking as though it will make a sizable dent in my 101 in 1001 which is only 10% complete as of today.  It is also nice that I feel as thought I am at peace.  I hope that will stay throughout the next 365 days.

Speaking of 365 or 366 for 2010 I have started up again.  I don’t know if they will all be portraits or just pictures or what but I do miss the chronicalling of the year.  Imagine if I had had the pictures from 10 years ago. WOW!  However, I do have some great memories that I hope to make into a photobook (yet another of my 101 goals).

Oh and since this is a crafty blog afterall.  I also made a DIY Ringlight to get the shot above.  It was quick easy and I absolutely love the look of ring lights.   I do need to make another as the tube circumference was smaller than my lens.

Anyhoo, as is customary at the end of the year here is my 2009 wrap up.  Not much for 365 days worth of crafting but it was all great. My favorite item of 2010 has to be my Burda maxi dress.  I can’t WAIT to make at least two more of those for the warm weather.

1. Gretel, 2. Butterick 6881, 3. Fabric Covered Moleskins, 4. Butterfly Collage, 5. Clapotis, 6. Peacock Collection ’09: BWOF 07-2009-116, 7. Peacock Collection ’09: BWOF 07-2009-118, 8. Peacock Collection ‘09: BWOF 02-2009-112, 9. Sequin Tree, 10. Wallpaper Decorated Ikea Chest, 11. Slouchy Copy Cat Hat, 12. Jane, 13. Stripey Slouchy Glittery Beret, 14. Wallpaper Accent for my Sewing Table, 15. My First Woven Scarf, 16. Sewing Machine Cover, 17. Click Camera Case, 18. Peacock Apron & Cathrine Holm Pots

Here is to more crafting in my future CRAFT ROOM in 2010!


10 thoughts on “And So it Begins…2010

  1. You are just the bomb, and you’ve made my 2009 blog reading an absolute joy. I hope your 2010 is everything it should be for you and that you give and get every single thing you want for the next 363 days!

  2. Happy New Year! I am so impressed with your DIY Ringlight. You get’ em tiger.

    I say you were pretty productive and very diverse in your projects. Well done. Diggin’ the new look of the blog. I was fishin’ around on WordPress the other day and saw this. Still with blogger, but I use WordPress for content management at work, so might make the switch.

    The jacket is TDF.

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