Man, I Miss You Guys

In fact I have been missing a lot about life lately.  Yet, another season of workaholism has left me neglecting those things I enjoy the most but for the next 16 days I am free!! It is almost like a semi retired state.  Yesterday,  I stayed up late watching movies. Today I woke up late, had a new visitor to the apartment, got another present and shopped for some upcoming recipe adventures.  I even finished a hat…my third hat in a row.  I still have to take pictures and stuff but that will happen soon enough.  For now I wanted to stop in and say hi so my upcoming blogfest would not be so awkward.  Hope the holiday season is treating your well.


6 thoughts on “Man, I Miss You Guys

  1. Enjoy your well-deserved time off. Sounds like you have a great time filling up your days with nice things and people. Good for you! Oh, and I’m looking forward to your blogfest. I’m having some time off too so lots of time to read all the lovely blogs out there, yours included!

  2. Me too….missing a lot of things right now, especially some quiet creative time to write about.
    Have yourself a great vacation…I’m about ready to start 10 days off….WAHOO!

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