The Voodoo/Sequin Tree

When I saw the sequin tree tutorial over on Centsational Girl I knew I had to make one.  How could I resist?!  The colors were the same as my Christmas decor and it had BLING!! I have to say I do love myself some bling…LOL!  Plus I had the cones in my crafty arsenal already and was itching for an instant gratification project.  So during my Black Friday adventures at JoAnn’s (believe me I am not crazy…JoAnn’s is a pretty easy in and out in the wee hours of the morning…20 minutes tops), I remembered about the sequin tree and bought a few packs of sequins and a 350 pack of pins.   Right after I got home I set about making the tree thinking I would have it finished in a day or two.  3 hours later I only had three rows at the bottom.  Hmmm…curious…the picture didn’t look that cumbersome. 5 hours later…what the heck this is taking forever! 6 hours later with a crick in my neck I finally decided to look back at the tutorial.

So first, let’s recap some key things in the tutorial that I did not bother to read or just did not sink in.

“It’s a simple, yet time consuming process..”

“Styrofoam cone or ball – small cones (around 8″ tall)”



“…and you’ll need a ton of pins…”

Next, let’s recap my mindset and my supplies

“…itching for an instant gratification project.”

Styrofoam cone – around 12″ tall




As you can see the math does not add up to instant gratification.  Instead it added up to sore appendages, assembly line style repetitiveness, and lot and LOTS of patience.  I did get a rhythm going that sped the process and since I had resigned myself to this being a process project I worked in spurts instead of killing myself to get it done.  I did have to make a few runs back to JoAnn’s for pins but all in all the assembly was just as the tutorial had suggested “…simple, yet time consuming…”

So the final supply total was

Styrofoam cone – One around 12″ tall

Sequin – 2 pkgs blue, 2 pkgs green 5mm sequins

Beads – 1 pkg 2.5mm beads

Pins – 2,000!!!!!!!!

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong.  It took me over two THOUSAND pins to finish this tree! TWO THOUSAND!!  This my friends was a labor of love or decide.  It took me 1 week of off and on pinning to finish my voodoo/sequin tree.  Meticulously sticking the poor styrofoam cone so that the sequins overlapped juuuussst right.  I even added a dab of quick dry tacky glue because I decided that if I was going to go through the pain it better last FOREVER!  When I got to the top of the cone it became a bit more cumbersome as there were so many pins in such a small area that you had to angle them in juuuust right to find available space.

Now all that said let’s do another recap

Do I love my tree? – Yes, it is all the bling I had hoped for.  Plus you can use it on someone as a massage tool as the pins make it feel nice when grasped or as a bludgeoning tool since it is pretty heavy.

Could I have bought something similar at the store? – Sure…but we all know that crafting is about the activity not the cost or time…OBVIOUSLY!

Would I do it again? – Yes and No.  Would I do THIS size again NO.  But I am obviously a masochist as I have already started another with the RIGHT sized materials.

Call me a glutton for punishment…but look at the BLING! 🙂


19 thoughts on “The Voodoo/Sequin Tree

  1. its really beautiful. and way more fragile than you know. i made one two years ago and when we tried to pack it for moving the entire top third just snapped off. why? because it was mostly pins – all the styrofoam had been compressed by all the pins. do be careful with yours!

  2. It’s certainly cute and I don’t doubt that it’s time consumming but I do have to protest the Voodoo appelation.

    Surely this type of beading/sequining is not exclusive to Voodoo.

    But that’s my only beef, it’s really cute!

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