Peacock Apron & CathrineHolm Pots

Peacock Apron & Cathrine Holm Pot

My obsession with Cathrineholm has finally been satisfied to a sufficient enough level for me to refocus my obsessive nature back to decorating. However, the amazing colors have now saturated all areas of my creative mind and are popping up all over.  One direct result of this infusion of color is my new peacock apron. This apron is a combination of the McCall’s Vintage Apron 3979 and the waistband directions from the apron in In Stitches.

Peacock Apron

The fabric was one I have had in my stash for some time.  I loved it and wanted to make it into a skirt, but with just a little over a yard I knew that I was never going to fly.  So I waited for inspiration which came via my CathrineHolm pots and their combination of blue, green, and orange.  Through them I finally decided that my future fancy kitchen would need a fancy apron to don while making my culinary masterpieces.

Peacock Apron & Cathrine Holm Pot

Now I have already shown you my green and yellow pots but these are my latest and potentially the last additions to my set.

Cathrine Holm Pots - Blue Three pot set

The blue set was an ebay buy.  I was lusting after a yellow set, but that went by the wayside.  Fueled with ebay adrenaline I spotted these and bid.  I am so glad I won these even though they were not my first choice.  I love the depth of color and the fact that they are helping me to expand into other areas of color.

Cathrine Holm Fondue Pot

I found this fondue pot at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market in NY.  I bought it for 5 bucks!! There was a yellow pot there too but it was pretty beat up.  This find was the highlight of my NYC shopping trip!  It has a chip on the other side but for 5 bucks I was not going to get all indignant about it 🙂

BTW…thank you all for your wonderful suggestions for NYC! I didn’t have much time so a lot of sights went unseen but I will give you the lowdown via a future post.

22 thoughts on “Peacock Apron & CathrineHolm Pots

  1. Girrrrrrrrl that apron is some kind of Gorgeous… its so pretty. I wwwwaaaant one. I’ve been checking out aprons lately, but know I need to make one. I cook for my mom when I get off work and realized to keep my suit from the pot splatters I need an apron.

    I stopped drooling enough over the apron to say such pretty pots.

  2. Hello: I found your blog and I had a great time reading most of your post. The apron and the pots are fabuloso!
    I love your sense of color. By the way those pots will be absolutely beautiful as part of my collection..he,he,he

  3. Why do I feel that Desi Arnaz will enter and say ,”Lucy, I’m home?”
    You look like a domestic goddess:p
    The apron make me want to get up and cook something.

  4. Why do I feel that Desi Arnaz will enter and say ,”Lucy, I’m home?”
    You look like a domestic goddess:p
    The apron makes me want to get up and cook something.

  5. The apron is fabulous! I’m glad to see a real one… I’ve been toying with that pattern forever, but I wasn’t sure how it would look IRL. Now I know… stunning!

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