Week in Chic: 10/9

Heh, just realized I jumped into the future last week as it actually said 10/9 in the title before I changed it 🙂

Anticipating… A great time in New Jersey/New York due to all the wonderful ideas!!  Thank goodness for blogs too because I just found out that I am going to NY on the first Yarn Crawl of the City!  I hope to visit a few while I am there but neither my mom or my aunt are knitters so I don’t want to bore them.  Between Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, Housing works thrift stores (various locations), Purl Soho, and Mood that is a pretty busy schedule for only 1.5 days of shopping in NY.  The rest will be quality time with the extended family.

Oh and I still need some help with can’t miss NJ/NY food choices too.

If you know of any good places to eat near any of the locations I stated above please do tell.  If you have an eatery suggestion that is not near any of these locations but is so good I need to make the journey, please share that too as the schedule is still pretty flexible.

Loving… My new Cathrineholm pot…soon to be POTS!! I got my first one and the quality of this pot is fantastic!! So the fact that it looks gorgeous is just icing on the cake.    These are not show piece pots though so I will be scoping some recipes that call for dutch ovens so I can giggle to myself now that I actually have one.

Savoring… the new Fall-ish weather.  I love it when it is chilly but not bitterly cold and that time is now.  I am dreaming of stews, crusty bread, and knitting.  LOVE the fall.


Knitting… The Heathered Hoodie Vest.  I know I said that before but now I have proof!!  The yarn is so yummy.  I am loving this knit.

Orla Kiely Sewing Machine Cover - Front Side in Cabinet

Sewing… some quicky projects such as my new reversible sewing machine cover.  I used some Orla Kiely tea towels I found at GW Consignment for $1.99, some fusible fleece, and some leftover ribbon I had from a gift.  Process: I fused fleece to orange side, trimmed everything up, sewed the sides with ribbon in seam, turned inside out, sewed bottoms together.  A few hours later and I had a quick cover for my machine that lives in the cabinet.

Orla Kiely Sewing Machine Cover - Front Side Orla Kiely Sewing Machine Cover - Back Side Orla Kiely Sewing Machine Cover - Side with ties Orla Kiely Sewing Machine Cover - Recyling the tag to spruce up the solid side

(Click for larger view)

I plan on making another fully enclosed cover for my portable machine and serger.

I am also feeling another Weekender Bag.  I have this great upholstery weight fabric from JoAnn’s that is just screaming to be a Weekender.  Better get out my oyster shucking gloves to fend off all the pin pricks.

Dreaming… about work and my co-workers which is a sign that I am really stressed out.  Hope this vacation gets me back into restful sleep.

Planning… some wallpaper DIY projects.  I got some wallpaper samples from Hygge and West.  One will be to decorate the inside of my sewing cabinet.


Here is what it SHOULD look like…kinda.

table brown tweet

Also I got this great bird print sample that fits perfectly on a future jewelry box project.

Alright so it is time to get packing I will talk to you all soon!! Have a great weekend


10 thoughts on “Week in Chic: 10/9

  1. I found you through the WordPress Readomattic feature. I’m enjoying what I see so far. I too and knitting the Heather hoodie and having a good time. I love your color choice!

    Also thank you for outlining how you made your sewing machine cover. I could use something like that for my machine and serger.. they are getting chilly. 😉

  2. Are you in NY? Email me and maybe we can meet up. I was hoping to do at least part of the yarn crawl and there are a number of great food places to check out.

  3. Hi!

    Let me just say…Great blog!

    I was in NY/NJ during the first week of September and had a blast. I too, hit the Garment District and several Restaurants while there and here are my recommendations:

    Pizza – Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn – There is a 45 min to 1 hour waiting…Outside! But hands down it is the best!!!!

    Dessert – Magnolia’s Bakery – The Red Velvet and Key Lime Pie is awesome!

    Italian Dining – Morandi’s http://www.morandiny.com – The Moscato sorbet was heaven.

    Warning: Stay away from the Pink Tea Cup – So called Soul Food/ Southern Cooking Joint. Just Horrible! This place left a bad taste within my southern palate!

    Also, I went to Moods and was overwhelmed by all of the fabric. Luckily, George (a Mood employee) was there to help. Look him up while there. He was very knowledgable. The highpoint was as I was walking out of Mood back onto the streets of NY, I spotted Epperson from Project Runway and was able to speak with him, preview his new collection, and take picture with him. He was a sweetheart!!!!

    Hope this helps…A little.

  4. Check out Seaport Yarn near the World Trade Center, and you must go to Serendipity, they have the best deserts and hot chocolate drink to die for. NJ has lots of yarn shops.

  5. Enjoy your trip!

    I love the sewing machine cover. I have a couple of beautiful, too-nice-to-dry-with dish towels at the bottom of my dish towel pile. What a great way to put them to use!

  6. The vest is going to gorgeous.. that blue is perfect for the cables. The reversible sewing machine cover is too cute. I could one or maybe two and not have to worry about so much dust on the machines…lol

    Enjoy your trip to NJ/NY.

  7. Wow! What an innovator! Love what you did with the sewing cabinet and machine cover. I’m planning a trip to NY, but not until spring. Have a good trip. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Visiting yours has been a real treat.

  8. I hope you had a great time when you visited the NY/NJ area. Your blog is a new find for me. If you visit this area again, let me know. I am a transplanted New Yorker who lives in NJ. Besides the great fabric stores in Manhattan, there are other fabulous stores off the beaten path. Places like the Bronx, NY, East Orange NJ, Brookly NY and many others. So if you ever come back east and want to explore these fabulous places, let me know.

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