Week in Chic: 10/2

Spontaneously… Traveling to New York!! Yup, booked a ticket to leave next weekend for a 3-4 day jaunt in New York…well New Jersey mainly with a splash of New York.  Having only extended family to visit, that leaves me only one full day of shopping on Monday.  Any suggestions for fabric, knitting, and thrift store shopping for good deals in New York? Please note my newest hobby is being on the hunt for great deals or highly unique items so kona cotton or $25.00 a yard places aren’t really my thing 🙂

Shopping…at GW Consignment.  Have you ever been?  It is a great place where buried treasure is just waiting to be found.  Oh yeah, some people know it as Goodwill 😀  My mom turned me on to that renaming when we went GW shopping.  She is not a shopper but she shopped me under the table there…LOL! 3 stores later I was pooped and she slept on the way home LOL!

Cathrineholm Lotus Pattern Dansk Kobenstyle pot

Obsessing over… CathrineHolm cookware.  Damn that design*sponge and decor8!! I had to have some and so ebay came to my aid with a new CathrineHolm pot and also led me to a yellow Dansk Kobenstyle pot.  Both can be put in the oven which I love.

Collecting… hobbies but specializing in those associated with old ladies…LOL!  I now sew, knit, cook, thrift, and hope to be weaving come the 18th.  If any of you know any OL hobbies I am missing please do tell so I can get started on them 🙂

Knitting… The Heather Hoodie Vest from the latest Knitscene in Navy Berrocco Comfort Chunky.  I started this knit because my minisweater sleeves are pissing me off.  I keep getting too many stitches and this is the second time I have knit them.  I had to put it away for later.

Sewing… nothing right now.  I do plan on making Burda 10-2009-135 this weekend though.  This unfortunately was the ONLY pattern I really liked in this issue and I sold off my August and September issue because they had NOTHING I liked.  I am bummed because this time is normally my favorite Burda season.  Hope our style compatibility has not gone sour.

Alright, hope to have some crafting for you soon!

Update: Ooops forgot that I actually DO have crafting to share!! I should post it as soon as me, my camera, and the daylight coincide again.

11 thoughts on “Week in Chic: 10/2

  1. Here are some NYC favorites.. if I move away one day, I’d come back and visit:

    Fashion District: Mood and Paron for Fabrics, Panda Intl for supplies and super cheap thread spools

    Quilting Fabrics: City Quilter and Purl Patchwork

    Knitting: Purl Soho, Knitty City

    Thrifting: Housing Works Thrift Shop

  2. I was given a CathrineHolm pan as a wedding present in the 60’s. I added two more on a trip to Norway in the 70’s. I still use each of them and love them all.

  3. I agree with all of the stores Diana suggested. You may also want to consider M&J Trimmin for buttons, ribbons, trimming, etc. It’s a must see and it’s like going into a candy shop. Hope you have a great time during your visit here.

  4. Canasta.
    Just to let you know, the last Saturday of the month, Salvation Army has everything 50% off, and I think gw consignment (love that) has a same discount on the last weekend as well.

  5. Too bad you are only leaving Monday as your day to shop NYC because the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market is open every Saturday and Sunday! It’s located at 37th & 9th Avenue and stretches for 3 long blocks. My mom and I explored it last weekend and it was alot of fun!

    Have a good time in NYC! Its getting a little chilly here so remember to bring a sweater or jacket! And please, please do not stop dead in the middle of the street…that’s how we all know the tourists! 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. You could check out the latest exhibit at FIT. For retail shopping, there is Century 21, Top Shop (for accessories).

    Pearl River Mart is divine! And since you will be spending time in NJ, the Crate and Barrel outlet is worth a look. You could score some Marimekko fabrics for your old lady hobbies!

    Have fun!

  7. I have not been happy with the past several issues of Burda either. Boo. After the June issue was so awesome, it’s a letdown but it keeps me hoping that eventually they’ll come back around to stuff I like.

  8. Agree with Knitty City…great shop. Have to add Habu Textiles and School Products for knitting stuff.

    And if you’re at all interested in spinning, The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn is flipping amazing.

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