Instant Gratification

So after a month of no blogging I am sure you were expecting more than just a five minute instant gratification project blogged from an iPhone. Given I do have other things to show you but for now I am being lazy and subscribing to the “better than nothing” clause. Plus I get to try out iPhone blogging 🙂

Fabric is a tea towel from the Danica Studios Aviary collection. Loved the design but was being cheap while visiting SF so I only bought the towel. Now I look longingly online but dread the idea of paying shipping. Good thing I still have the majority of the towel left. 😀 Probably enough for a little bag…we’ll see


3 thoughts on “Instant Gratification

  1. oh I love this – it’s something you would expect to see on Design Sponge! Maybe when you move in a few months time we’ll be seeing a house tour of your new place on DS….

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