The Best Saturday EVER!

Although I have not been physically blogging lately, I have been taking inventory of all the things I just HAVE to tell you gals about.  Does Mental blogging count?

Anyhoo, when this past Saturday turn into the best Saturday EVER I just knew I just knew I had to tell you all as you would be the ones to best share my excitement 🙂

The Garage Sale

So the day began at 5:45am when my alarm clock went off alerting me to the need to rise and shine and get my booty to a garage sale in Long Beach, 30 minutes away, being held by one of my knit group members. She had posted about having a sewing machine for sale and after a few back and forths she offered to hold a fixer upper Bernina for me that I had planed to fix in order to teach my niece to sew. When I got there I saw the machine on the lawn, gave it a once over and determined that it would definitely need some TLC. But then she advised me that she had another machine inside that she held for me that was a nearly brand new Brother XL-5700. After looking completely stupefied I asked the cost and she said $15.00! Yes,I said $15.00!


After the adrenaline rush of the amazing generosity of my fellow knit sib,  I perused the other wares to find a sleeve board, spice rack, canon compact printer, little chest of drawers, 2 lengths of fabric, 1 length of lace, a yard stick, and sun tea container.


When I finally got all my treasures together I was once again amazed with my total of only $25.00! Even writing about it now makes my pulse race. I had to quickly get my car because I kinda felt like I was going to wake up any second and find out it was all a dream.  But alas I am writing this on Sunday so the dream is in fact reality.

The Visit

Since I was in the area I planned on making a day of it and going to the Farmer’s Market only to find out that it is on Sunday not Saturday.  However, it was all for the best because I got to spend more time with my friend Sklyar who has gone back to school which makes her swamped with both life and school.  However, this weekend she too was having a garage sale so I decided to stop by and keep her company.

Nothing like visiting a friend you haven’t seen for a while.

The Craft Fair

Next I went to the Handmade Brigade craft fair where I won a reusable shopping bag from Yelp, which is exactly what I wanted, bought a cute ring with the word “create”, and ate both good mexican food and an awesome dark chocolate chip and cherry cookie.  So much to see and buy but admittedly I am a little craft faired out.  But don’t fret, I am sure I will be attending many more over the next few months and buying up a storm.

The Find

IMG_5515_filtered IMG_5514_filtered

So after the Craft Fair I decided to go to Joann’s to pick up some crochet hooks and spied some red tag sales in the sewing machine area.  To my surprise the snap on feet that fit both by Singer and my new Brother were on clearance for $.99!  Score!! I snapped up all they had and then proceeded to stalk the store looking for more red tags.  In the end I got some fabric pens too.

The Family

After an exhausting non-stop day, there is nothing like going over my mom’s house.  I always feel so relaxed.  When I got there I recounted my awesome day, played with my new toys and validating that they all worked, cleaned up my new sewing machine, ate and relaxed.
So that was the summation of the Best Saturday EVER!! I am sure you have to agree that if not THE best it definitely ranks in the top 5 🙂  Glad I got to share it with you!


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